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Mainstream Careers

Mainstream Careers in Psychology

Here are just some of the areas in the field of Psychology that you can choose to enter as a graduate from Bangor University:

Clinical psychologist   clinical psychologists help people with mental health problems.

Educational psychologist   educational psychologists provide support for children, parents, and teachers in the school system.

Counselling psychologist   counselling psychologists help people with personal and relationship problems.

Health psychologist   health psychologists help people to stay well, and to adjust to, or recover from, physical illness; they also foster understanding of the relationship between mental and physical well-being.

Forensic psychologist   forensic psychologists help to understand and change criminal behaviour; often they work alongside the police.

Research psychologist   research psychologists carry out research in academic, industrial, or other settings.

Consumer psychologist   consumer psychologists work with businesses and other organisations to understand their customer behaviour.

Sports psychologist   sports psychologists assist in the enhancement of individual performance; they work with organisations, teams, and clubs; they work alongside coaches; and they teach and research.

Occupational psychologist    occupational psychologists help to enhance performance of people at work; they also try to improve their training.

BPS Careers Information and Advice

There is a wealth of information on the British Psychology Society Careers pages about the different paths you can take within psychology. All our single honours degrees carry full BPS recognition for the graduate basis for registration.

Another site that may be of interest is Careers in Psychology which "... takes a fresh look at the real world of psychology and examines the practical and emotional elements of working in this sector." Click here to visit their site.