Rugby Performance Programme

Bangor University is excited to enter its 3rd year of delivering the rugby performance programme to students and are now building the platform for the 2023/2024 season. We will not only be providing a performance programme for our men’s teams we are also launching our women’s performance programme, this coming off the back of the success from both men’s and women’s teams over the last few years.

Our aim and ambition is to be an inclusive club at the centre of the student and local community. This success has lead Bangor University Rugby Club to become one of the most successful clubs within the Athletic Union with a fast growing rugby performance programme competing within BUCS competitions.

We are focused on providing opportunities for students in our club and within the wider student community to develop both on and off the field. We do this by, providing players gym, skills and team training sessions, 1-1 individual development plans both performance and academic and access to a club medic. Off field, we recruit and develop students within our volunteer programme to become more employable upon graduation. These opportunities are leading strength and conditioning sessions, video analysis for team and coach feedback, sports therapy for recovery and injury prevention and media officers to increase online engagement.

We are a dynamic rugby club who are always looking to develop and provide the best opportunities for players and staff to progress. With a solid platform, this will allow rugby within Bangor University to be in the best position to continue to grow, whilst contributing towards players education, health, mental and physical well-being and employability.

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Rugby Partners

We work in partnerships with a number of clubs and sporting bodies.

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