Manchester science and industry museum

From Industry to Imagination: School Explores Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum

Bangor University, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering students and staff embark on a fun-filled daytrip to Manchester to visit the Science and Industry Museum. 

Daytrip to Manchester to visit the Science and Industry Museum.

On Friday, the 5th of May, students and staff from the School of Computing and Electronics Engineering embarked on a day trip to Manchester. The social event was aimed at promoting teamwork, bonding, and exploration outside of the academic setting. The trip marked the end of the Semester. The highlight of the day was a visit to the prestigious Science and Industry Museum, where the group had the opportunity to witness some of the most impressive scientific achievements of all time.


The Science and Industry Museum was the perfect destination for the group

The Science and Industry Museum was the perfect destination for the group, providing a unique and immersive experience. The exhibits ranged from the early days of the Industrial Revolution to the modern-day innovations that have changed the world as we know it. The group was fascinated by the museum's vast collection of machines, equipment, and interactive displays, making the experience both educational and entertaining. One of the attractions was the Small-Scale Experimental Machine – the world’s first stored-program computer. The museum hosts a replica of the machine that was built by the Computer Conservation Society in 1998. 

After exploring the museum, people continued their adventure with a visit to the Manchester LEGO store, where they indulged in their inner child and engaged in some well-deserved retail therapy. The store provided the perfect opportunity for students and staff to unwind and let loose, as they spent time building their own LEGO people. The day was an excellent team-building experience, as it allowed the group to interact and collaborate outside of the academic setting. 

The trip was an enormous success, with students and staff alike describing it as an unforgettable experience. The event helped to foster a sense of community and promote teamwork among the participants, as well as providing a break from the rigors of academic life. The trip also served as a reminder of the importance of exploration and discovery, as well as the benefits of experiential learning. 

"We had an amazing day," said Dr. Iestyn Pierce, Head of the School. "The Science and Industry Museum was truly awe-inspiring, and the LEGO store provided a fantastic opportunity for us to unwind. It was a wonderful reminder of the value of teamwork and the importance of exploration." 

Dr. Iestyn Pierce,  Head of the School

Editor J.C.Roberts 

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