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Student Charter

Bangor University's Student Charter

Bangor University and Students’ Union have worked together to develop this Charter. We know that in partnership we can achieve more and this Charter outlines our shared commitment to continually improve the educational experience of all students. It is intended to provide an overview of the responsibilities and expectations on all partners – the University, Students’ Union and every student. It is reviewed each year to make sure that it remains relevant. 

Bangor University will: 

Bangor University Students’ Union will: 

Students are expected to: 

  • Prepare for classes and read set texts in advance. 

  • Undertake independent study and, where appropriate for the level of study, engage in research to support learning and outcomes 

  • Complete and hand in your assessments by set deadlines. 

  • Collect your marked work promptly and reflect on feedback to improve your future work. 

  • Register with Disability Services if you require disability-related adjustments to be put in place. 

Bangor University will: 

Ensure that through our bilingual policy, you can choose to: 

  • Have a Welsh speaking personal tutor offered at the beginning of the academic year.  

  • Submit assessments and receive feedback (wherever possible) through the medium of Welsh, irrespective of the language of tuition. 

  • Have access to professional support services through the medium of Welsh.  

  • Interact with the University through the medium of Welsh. 

  • Learn Welsh or further develop Welsh language skills through classes and specific modules. 

Students are expected to: 

  • Embrace and respect the bilingual ethos of Bangor University, as guided by our Bilingual Policy, recognising that all official written communications from the University will consistently be provided in both languages. 

Bangor University will: 

  • Ensure that Wednesday afternoons, after 12pm, are free from timetabled academic study, with any unavoidable exceptions published.  

  • Support Bangor Students’ Union to provide personal development and extra-curricular activities. 

Bangor Students’ Union will: 

Bangor University will: 

  • Provide appropriate academic and pastoral support. 

  • Provide high-quality and accessible learning and social spaces for you across campus. 

  • Ensure easy access to general information about the University and its organisation. 

  • Provide all student-facing staff with regular equality & diversity and safeguarding training. 

  • Bangor Students’ Union will: 

  • Ensure that everything they do upholds their commitment to equal opportunities and the diverse student body. 

Students are expected to: 

  • Abide by all University regulations, including the Code of Conduct for students.  

  • Uphold a culture of fairness and respect towards your peers and University staff, fostering an inclusive and collaborative academic community. 

  • Treat our diverse student and staff community with courtesy, dignity and respect, including when using social media. 

  • Respect your environment on and off campus and be considerate towards the local community to which we belong. 

  • Keep the University informed of anything affecting your studies so that we can support and advise you. 

Bangor University will: 

  • Work in partnership with the Bangor Students’ Union to have an effective Course Rep system by engaging with course representatives and ensuring information on Course Reps is published for you to view. 

  • Regularly ask for and respond to your feedback on teaching and learning, and use your feedback to continually develop and enhance your learning experience. 

  • Ensure regular and well-documented Staff-Student Liaison meetings are carried out in line with the Course Representative Code of Practice. (link 

  • Ensure that students’ interests are protected and work closely with the Students’ Union. 

Bangor Students’ Union will: 

Students are expected to: 

  • Engage with their Course Representatives and use appropriate channels to provide feedback. 

  • Take responsibility to keep informed about the feedback channels and democratic opportunities that are available.

Bangor University will: 

Bangor Students’ Union will: 

  • Keep students informed of their representation work. 

Students are expected to: 

At Bangor University we are proud of the close partnership we have with our student body and the way in which we work together to develop the unique Bangor student experience. 

Your time at Bangor will bring with it a range of opportunities to develop your skills, become an active member of our learning community, and contribute to the local environment. We firmly believe in the value of engaging with your studies, but also in the benefits brought by taking advantage of every opportunity you have to build your knowledge and experience outside of the academic domain.

Bangor University is committed to providing excellent Welsh Medium provision, developing strong bilingual administration, and continuing to contribute extensively to the cultural and linguistic development of the area. To further develop and enrich its Welsh medium provision, the University is fully committed to play a full role in the activities of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, and take full advantage of its initiatives.

We aim to be sustainable in everything we do. The University is collectively committed to student well-being, including mental health, and the well-being goals of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, Bangor University is committed to meeting our statutory responsibilities regarding equality, diversity, safeguarding, and protected characteristics. The University’s Strategic Equality Plan and Action Plan have been developed within the context of the University’s legal duties under the Equality Act 2010 and the Duties Specific to Wales, and is a statement of Bangor University’s on-going commitment to the promotion of equality and diversity. The University is committed to student wellbeing and health, including mental health and suicide safer approaches. Further information on our goals can be found in our Student-Led Mental Health Strategy.

The University undertakes to disseminate this charter annually to all students and staff via on-line means, in Welcome talks and meetings with personal tutors.

The University will service its contractual obligations to students and comply with its commitments under consumer law as outlined by the Competition and Markets Authority. In doing so, universities will work to protect the student interest when responding to circumstances such as significant changes to how a course is delivered or course closure. The University has in place procedures to respond to these circumstances which will mitigate the potential impact on students and which recognise the different needs of its diverse student body. The University is committed to providing up-to-date and transparent information to students regarding the costs of study.

Students wishing to make a complaint should follow the procedures outlined here. 


Last updated: 08/09/2023.

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