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Why Study Childhood and Youth Studies

We have professional and academic expertise across a diverse range of areas providing a rich learning environment which is a unique trait of our course. It gives you the opportunity to study childhood and youth from multiple perspectives.

Watch - See the world through a child's eyes

The BA in Childhood and Youth Studies offers you the opportunity to study a diverse range of topics that relate to the lived experiences of children and young people in contemporary society.

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Student Profile Sofia Tartaglia

BA Childhood and Youth Studies

"Aside from the wide range of interesting topics we cover over the three years, the staff in the School of Educational Sciences are so supportive and inspiring."

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International Exchange Year LAKEISHA EVANS

I'd highly recommend an exchange year, for several reasons:

  1. you learn so much about yourself
  2. you make new friends from around the world
  3. the opportunity to travel more
  4. you can experience different cultures - even if you don't think it'll be that different
  5. see different education system - chance to study modules you may not be able to do back home (drama, discovering dinosaurs, and so much more)

Do you have a question about life as a Bangor University student? Our ambassadors will be happy to help you find the answer.

They can tell you more about studying here, about the amazing Clubs and Societies we have, and how they made friends and settled into life at university as a Childhood and Youth student.

If you have any questions about the course, our lecturers are on hand to help. Below are some examples of frequently asked questions. Can you think of any more? 

  • What are the qualities of a successful Childhood and Youth student at Bangor?
  • How can I prepare myself to study Childhood and Youth at Bangor?
  • How will I know that Childhood and Youth at Bangor is the right choice for me?

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Our Research in Childhood and Youth Studies

At the School of Educational Sciences, you will be taught by individuals who are recognised internationally for their expertise and who are invited regularly to speak at various high-profile events world-wide. Research feeds directly into the modules that you’ll study, giving you contemporary views on topical issues and ensuring that you graduate with an excellent understanding of a wide range of issues.

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