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Working together for a brighter future

A blog post by Dr Einir Young (Director of Sustainability)

If you are beginning your University life, Welcome to Bangor; welcome back to everyone else.

I wanted to drop in with a brief ‘hello’ during the first full week of the new academic year to ask you to press the ‘pause button’ for a moment with thoughts of sustainability and well-being.

I’d like to remember four things (for now!)

  1. Sustainability is central to everything we do at Bangor University
  2. The Sustainability Lab team is here to work with you across the campus
  3. Sustainability is definitely about being ‘green’ but it is just as much about the social, cultural and economic well-being of people and communities. Wales describes this as ensuring ‘the well-being of current and future generations
  4. Sustainability is a global as well as a local challenge and as a University family, citizens of the world, from all corners of the globe, are contributing in every way we can towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

During the coming academic year, the Sustainability Lab will be tackling some major challenges WITH you (note - we are not here to do things FOR anyone or TO them!). So, we look forward to hearing your views, responding to your concerns at our monthly ‘Putting the World to Rights’ sessions and to work with you to put your ideas into practice and develop campaigns on things that matter - #WAW19 is the first on the list.

Follow us on our social media channel and JOIN IN!

Here’s to a fantastic year ahead – whatever the weather!

Please watch:

Welcome week presentation

Think before you drink

Publication date: 24 September 2019