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What is the Well-being of Future Generations Act?

We are applying the principles of the Well-being of Future Generations Act to all our work through The Well-being Goals and The Five Ways of Working. We are expanding the dialogue far and wide – across continents to Africa and China. There is no blue print for getting it right but every culture and background brings its own contribution to the discussion.


The Well-being Goals

A prosperous world

Is prosperity all about being materially rich? How will I decide what’s ‘enough’? What’s actually important to me?

A resilient world

Do I really give the environment and my impact on it a second thought? And what changes do I need to make to encourage and help them to stay?

A healthier world

We are lucky to have been born into one of the wealthiest societies on earth, but material wealth can bring health problems of its own. What’s going to be my first step towards a healthier life?

A more equal world

Am I sensitive to the prejudices and discrimination that’s going on around me? Do I treat everyone whatever their background with respect?

A world of cohesive communities

What about your house, halls corridor, course or club? They are all communities too. We can all ask ourselves, “Am I helping to make it all gel?”

A world of vibrant culture and thriving languages

How can I, even if I don’t speak another language, value human diversity and all the benefits it brings?

Being globally responsible

What can we do to understand better what’s going on and what our place in the world is?


The Five Ways of Working

1. Long term thinking

We need to be thinking about how to balance short term needs with our long term needs. How long is long term?

2. Prevention

Acting to prevent problems from occurring or getting worse is always a good idea in every sense.

3. Integration

Considering how our individual objectives might impact on each of the wellbeing goals and on other people.

4. Collaboration

Working together with a common purpose

5. Involvement

Whatever we do at work and at home, and whatever our business we should be thinking about engaging with people.