Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

Visitor Information

The Welsh Library is located in the Main Arts Library which is situated on College Road in Upper Bangor. The Shankland Reading Room, where most of the Welsh Library Collection is held, is located on the top floor of the Main Library.

Access for visitors

  • Access for reference and brief assistance from the Enquiry Desk is available freely and without formality.
  • Readers who need more detailed assistance in using the appropriate search and reference tools should make an appointment with the Academic Support Officer, Shan Robinson
  • Requests for Library staff to undertake research work on behalf of external users must be submitted in writing. A fee of £12 per hour or part of an hour will be charged for such work and must be paid beforehand. Click here for a copy of the Request form for Searches.
  • Further information about the external borrower regulations of the Bangor University library can be found by clicking here.