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Welsh Bibles

Image from the Welsh Bible CollectionThe Library houses a collection of bibles which includes copies of all bibles written in Welsh. Notable amongst this collection are :

Y Beibl Cyssegr-lan, sef Yr Hen Destament, a’r Newydd / (Welsh Bible) A copy of Bishop William Morgan’s first full translation of the Bible into Welsh. This translation set the standard for written Welsh.

Testament Newydd ein arglwydd Jesu Christ / (Welsh new Testament). In 1563, the four Welsh Bishops, together with the Bishop of Hereford were instructed to translate the Bible into Welsh by 1566 – an impossible task. However, by 1567, William Salesbury, together with Bishop Richard Davies of St David’s and Thomas Huet, the precentor of St. David’s had published a translation of the New Testament.

Llyfr y Psalmau (Book of Psalms) Edmund Prys 1544-1623. Steeped in the Welsh bardic tradition, Edmund Prys, then the Archideacon of Merioneth, translated the Psalms into simple and rhythmic Welsh, thus enabling churchgoers to once again be a part of the service. Even today, his psalm features in every denomination’s hymn books.

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