University Honours – Honorary Fellowships & Degrees

Honorary Fellows

An Honorary Fellowship is a highly prestigious award which the University can bestow on an annual basis to distinguished individuals who have a connection with the University, or with Wales, and who have made an outstanding contribution to their chosen field. Honorary Fellowships have been awarded for the last 20 years during the Degree Ceremonies each year, and over 150 individuals have been honoured in this way. The University maintains links with its Honorary Fellows, and the annual Honorary Fellows’ Dinner is one of the highlights of the University year.

Click on the names below for a profile of just some of the University’s most famous Honorary Fellows:

Honorary Degrees

The University also has authority to award Honorary Degrees. It has chosen to use this power to mark very special occasions, and only four persons have so far received this honour. To celebrate the 125th anniversary of its foundation, the University decided to award honorary doctorates to four individuals of world renown whose contributions over a long period were considered to be of major international significance. The special ceremony to award the Honorary Doctorates took place on 10 June 2009, and those honoured were: