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CFA Level 1 pathway

Many of our degree programmes (see list below) provide the opportunity to follow the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) specialist pathway and acquire the skills to complete the CFA Level 1 examination (for both September-intake and January-intake students). The CFA has become the most respected and recognised professional qualification in finance in the world.

Students undertaking this pathway will take a new module titled Financial Research & CFA Series during the summer period. Students will attend research seminars in June to be followed by specialist training for the Level 1 CFA exam provided by Fitch Learning, who are a well-recognised and accredited provider of CFA education. The teaching will include two days of Research Seminars in June and five two-day blocks of training, plus an additional two-block of revision provided across July and August. Assessments will follow the seminars and the CFA training.

The CFA Level 1 pathway is available on the following programmes:


No additional fees are charged for students undertaking this pathway.

However, students will be required to enrol with the CFA Institute and register for the exam. Payment of enrolment and examination fees is to the CFA Institute.

How to register

You will be able to register on this CFA pathway after arrival in Bangor. If you wish to make any enquiries in advance, please contact