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The recent Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) 2023 saw Bangor Business School achieve excellent results. Business and Management was ranked 3rd (out of 85) for the Overall measure and 4th (out of 84) for the Teaching measure. Student support also shone through with the school coming 4th (out of 71) for the support measure.

Elain Davies smiling to camera

Elain Haf Davies

My experience at Bangor University was extremely positive as it gave me several opportunities to develop personally and professionally over the four years of study. The University supported my personal growth greatly by giving me opportunities to develop my self-confidence, enhance my critical thinking skills and encouraged building meaningful relationships with other students and businesses worked with. 

Alumni Richard Hughes working in a wooded area

Richard Hughes

My MBA Environmental Management gave me leverage to obtain my current role with HALO and it also provided me with some new friends, including University staff who I will keep in touch with going forward. My online communication skills significantly improved due to the nature of the online course delivery and socialising.

Elen (Ellie) Rankenhohn smiling to camera wearing her cap and gown at graduation outside the main arts building.

Elen Rankenhohn

Not only has my experience at the school given me the knowledge as a base for my career, but it has sparked a confidence in me that I never thought I had. I now know I have what it takes to be a successful marketeer and have already started climbing my professional ladder. Bangor Business School has helped me build confidence and believe in myself and allowed me to find my passion which is now my career.

Jeremy Smith with friends chatting over a glass of prosecco

Jeremy Smith

Bangor is just a fantastic place to be. The scenery is amazing, and the University itself looks incredible. I’d heard great things about the student experience in Bangor, so I knew it would be a place I would enjoy. There were some really great lecturers that genuinely cared about students success. It’s more than just a job to them. And a lot of them stay in touch after as well!

Daisy Pierce Bangor University Graduate

Daisy Pierce

I loved studying at Bangor, it’s a wonderful University set within a beautiful part of North Wales. The modules were interesting, the staff members were supportive, and the opportunities were endless! In addition to gaining a job role within my Degree subject, I have gained and strengthened so many other employability skills through the opportunities that the Business School provided. 

0:06 Well the staff are so friendly and accessible  I knew I could go to them with any issues I  

0:11 had or any questions about assignments it was  a really relaxed atmosphere and relationship  

0:16 that I had with them and I knew that they  cared about what I was interested in as well.  

0:21 I made the most out of the societies because when  you come to University for the first time it was  

0:26 nice to know that there was just so many different  opportunities available there was a running  

0:30 club, we would run around Bangor sometimes in  Treborth and that just offered the opportunity  

0:36 to get out and about meet people again. I'm  making friends now that I've made for life.  

0:42 We do offer personal one-to-one tutee's and it's  just a really colligative atmosphere to work in  

0:48 and I do sincerely believe the students benefit from that  as well. When students are actually engaging  

0:53 with you which is fantastic and you know that  you're making a difference that's really rewarding.

1:00 They were always happy to  help any time you send an email they'd answer

1:03 so as soon as they could. Just that total support  there all the time only an email away and all  

1:04 the new friends I've made and all the communities  in Bangor it's great.

1:17 So I lived up at

1:18 the St Mary's Halls which is quite a nice little  tight-knit community it was really good and really  

1:23 refreshing as well to have people both from my  course in my flat but also from other courses.

1:31 Bangor is such a beautiful area you've got Snowdon or the Wyddfa so close by and just  

1:36 being able to climb that venture around to  different parts of North Wales is brilliant.

Winter Graduation

Every year we see hundreds of students graduate from Bangor Business School in the Summer and Winter. Here is a look at what at some had to say as they reflect back on their time at Bangor University during Winter Graduation.

Riaz Anwar, Lecturer in Accounting also shares her thoughts as she receives her University Teaching Fellowship. "When students are engaging with you it's fantastic because you know that you're making a difference, that's really rewarding." - Riaz Anwar

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Why Study Business, Management and Marketing ?

Our postgraduate degrees range from broad and comprehensive to highly specialised programmes, spanning subjects including Digital Marketing, Strategy, Managing People, Marketing, Finance, Business Administration, Strategic Marketing, Data Analytics and setting up New Business Ventures.

To succeed in today's management environment, you need to understand and react to the implications of operational, strategic and organisational changes, as well as being able to manage and motivate people.

These programmes will help you link theory and practice relevant to today's organisations, giving you the personal tools to create, implement and progress the most effective management policies. You will gain a solid grounding across all the main business disciplines, while also having the opportunity to customise your course towards your specific areas of interest with modules covering everything from the strategic and financial, to sustainability, innovation, knowledge management, leading people and managing change.

Many of our tutors have significant global industrial experience and others are active researchers in Business, Management and Marketing. This combination of research and practitioner-led teaching means you can look forward to insightful and engaging teaching that will help you to take your career to the next level.

Many of our courses offer the option of a January start as well as the traditional September start.

Watch - CMI HE Partnership with Bangor Business School

Professor Gareth Griffiths explains the benefits of studying for a CMI qualification alongside your Masters degree at Bangor Business School.

Career Opportunities in Business, Management and Marketing 

All our Business, Management and Marketing courses are designed to improve your professional skills, prepare you for work and help you to develop the attributes you need to be successful in a range of careers.

Recent graduates of our Business and Management Master’s programmes have gone on to a vast array of jobs worldwide in many private and public/government sectors as consultants, managers, market researchers, analysts, manufacturing executives, brand managers, marketers, advisors, sales consultants and project executives.

In Marketing, the nature of the work is changing, traditional techniques alone are not enough to attract the modern consumer in a digital world. Today’s social media campaigns require interdisciplinary strategies and a deeper understanding of customer needs and wants. Several of our Marketing students have found positions as social media managers, product managers, brand managers, search engine optimisation specialists, web content writers and marketing analysts.

Our Research in Business, Management and Marketing 

Many of our tutors have significant global industrial experience and others are active researchers in Business, Management and Marketing. Both inform our high-quality teaching. Our research covers a wide area including investigating an understanding of consumers in various contexts and cultures, investigating the impact of business and governmental strategies mainly in the communications area. Our research seeks to understand how consumer perceptions and judgments are formed and how they influence the decision-making process across diverse contexts. Our research focus spans for-profit and non-profit contexts as well as supporting cross cultural studies.

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