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Conference: Ethnography and the Shifting Boundaries of Policing

Publication date: 3 December 2019

The rise of the SPAC – Should we be worried?

By Dr Danial Hemmings and Professor Aziz Jaafar

Companies looking to list their shares on public stock exchanges used to have to conduct an Initial Public Offering (IPO) – not so now in the age of the ‘SPAC’. Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) are listed shell companies, formed usually by private equity firms, who seek to use investors’ capital to acquire an unlisted company. The acquired company (i.e. the ‘target’) inherits the SPAC’s listed status without having to conduct an IPO. Crucially, the target company is undetermined at the time the SPAC is created – therefore investors will have no idea in which company they are eventually investing in! If they don’t agree with the proposed deal, however, they can as shareholders vote to reject it, and have their investment returned.

Publication date: 25 November 2019

Bangor University helps depositor protection and financial stability in Nigeria and across Africa

The Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation visits Bangor University.

Publication date: 21 November 2019

Re-professionalising Banking and Finance in Trinidad and Tobago

In November Bangor University visited Trinidad and Tobago developing a new relationship for providing post-graduate Banking and Finance education, through the Chartered Banker MBA programme. 

Publication date: 21 November 2019

Bangor University Law Fair, 20 November 2019

Publication date: 14 November 2019

Bangor University receives two Athena SWAN awards - first for Bangor Business School

Bangor University is delighted to announce that two recent Athena SWAN applications from the Bangor Business School and the School of Psychology have been successful. The Bangor Business School is the first School from the College of Arts, Humanities & Business to hold an award. The School of Psychology has held a Bronze award since 2016 and was successful in renewing this award. These awards recognise the University’s and Schools’ ongoing commitment to gender equality for staff and students.

Publication date: 10 October 2019