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Main Databases

Bloomberg Professional is a global financial database that provdides current and historical data on individual equities, stock market indices, fixed-income securities, currencies, commodities, and futures across both international and domestic markets. It offers in-depth insights into more than 5 million bonds, equities, commodities, currencies, and funds. Users can easily access and download data using an Excel add-in or API. There are daily and monthly limitations on the number of observations that can be downloaded.

BoardEx is a comprehensive international corporate governance database that offers online search and analysis facilities focused on the dynamics of company boards. It delivers detailed current and historical biographical information on board members and senior executives, encompassing over 15,000 quoted companies globally. This comprehensive platform also provides insights into board committees, compensation, company details, networking features for both companies, directors and job announcements.

S&P Capital IQ Pro (ppreviously known as S&P Global Market Intelligence and SNL Financial) offers comprehensive bank and firm data spanning the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. As of 2023, S&P Capital IQ Pro expanded its range to include firm fundamentals, credit ratings, debt choices, and market research. This platform not only offers insights into the broad universe of companies from S&P Capital IQ but also expands the coverage of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). With S&P Capital IQ Pro, users can access current and historical financial data and news for over 50,000 banks globally. This data can be downloaded using an Excel add-in.

S&P Capital IQ is a comprehensive platform that provides deep global company insights, credit ratings, and market research with robust tools for risk assessment. It provides comprehensive information of companies, markets, transactions, and professionals across the globe. Specifically, Capital IQ delivers: Global company data, including fundamental financials, fixed income, estimates, and ownership details. Qualitative data that highlights key developments, transactions, profiles, individual associations, private equity; and a comprehensive spectrum of macroeconomic and commodity data. This synergy of information makes it an indispensable tool for industry professionals. This data can be downloaded using an Excel add-in.

Current and historical credit ratings including public finance coverage from 2007 and global issuers and structured finance from 1922.

Refinitiv Workspace, part of Thomson Reuters, is a comprehensive platform for financial and economic insights. It provides market quotes, earnings estimates, financial fundamentals, press releases, transaction data, corporate filings, ownership profiles, and in-depth research. Eikon/Datastream offers rich data for international companies, tracing back to the 1960s. Features and data from Thomson Reuters, previously accessed through Thomson One - like mergers and acquisitions, loan data, ownership details, and private equity - can be found in Refinitiv Workspace. Data can be downloaded via an Excel add-in.

Orbis Bank Focus, provided by Bureau van Dijk, is a comprehensive database of banks globally. Its data is compiled from a mix of annual reports, varied information providers, and authoritative regulatory sources. At present, Orbis Bank Focus boasts detailed data on more than 38,000 banks — encompassing around 30,000 from the US and over 10,000 from outside the US. For banks that are listed, a historical record spanning 5 years is provided, while unlisted banks have data covering the past 3 years.

Orbis Europe, a subset of Bureau van Dijk’s global 'Orbis', is a comprehensive platform tailored to analyse and compare both quoted and private companies across Europe. Encompassing data from 56 European countries, it provides detailed information on public and private banks, insurance, and industrial companies. With over 105 million companies catalogued and weekly updates, this resource offers expansive corporate ownership structures and comparability features. Users can research, analyse, and strategically compile lists of companies through an array of search criteria, including line items from financial filings.

Additional Databases

Full text coverage of nearly 7,600 business publications, including full text coverage of over 1,100 peer-reviewed, scholarly journals. Coverage back to 1922 in some cases.

Emerald Insight provides abstracts and full text articles from academic journals covering the subject areas of marketing, management, human resources, commercial music, quality, economics, information management, operations, engineering, production and property, education, health and social care.

News, analysis and comment from the online edition of the world’s leading global business publication

Interactive tools and in-depth analysis of the history, performance, and opportunities of thousands of companies and industries. Students will find trusted information from premium sources including market research, case studies, SWOT analyses, investment and financial reports, as well as articles from top magazines and industry journals.

Comprehensive industry-market research database which covers every US industry with a 5-digit NAICS code. IBISWorld offers also similarly detailed research on selected industries in China and worldwide.

UK market research providing analysis for a wide range of consumer products (food, drink, household, health, electronics), leisure trends, financial services and retailing.

This database includes full-text case-law and legislation for the UK, US (Federal and State), EU and other jurisdictions. It also provides access to a large number of full-text legal journals, and local and national UK newspapers. Includes Halsburys Laws of England.

Trucost, as part of of S&P Global, offers a comprehensive environmental analysis package, which is essential for businesses and investors in assessing the environmental impact and sustainability of over 15,000 listed and nearly 2 million private companies. This database provides a detailed measurement of environmental impacts across various dimensions, evaluates the financial costs associated with these impacts, and aids in identifying and managing environmental and climate-related risks. Additionally, it facilitates peer and portfolio analysis from an environmental and climate perspective, enabling users to compare and analyse companies in terms of their environmental performance. This tool is vital for informed decision-making, promoting environmental accountability and risk mitigation in the corporate world. Available to staff, researchers and PhD students.

The database continuously produces in-depth and impartial reports which are published as briefing papers on the Parliament website.

Covers the Legal Journals Index, the Current Law indexes, all acts in force from 1267 onwards and statutory instruments from 1949, together with UK cases and an increasing number of full-text journals and books. The American part of the database contains many full-text journals.

Library and Archive Services

Bangor University’s library facilities offer an extensive collection of books and journals and many of the journals are available online in full-text format.

Also available are databases, videos and CDs; micro material; a wonderful manuscript collection and a web-based catalogue to access e-books, e-journals, past exam papers, subject guides and other learning resources.

Visit the Library and Archive pages for more information.

IT and Computing Facilities

The University provides nine 24-hour computer rooms and over 1,000 computers dedicated to student use. Should you wish to use your own laptop, wireless network areas are available in all libraries as well as many teaching buildings.

Every bedroom in Bangor University halls has internet access via the University network. Should you need any advice or help, the IT helpdesk will be able to assist you by phone, email or in person.

A wide range of specialist software is available in all University computer rooms, with much of this available from your own computer anywhere that has an internet connection.

Further information on all IT facilities and services.


Learning support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by means of Bangor University's extensively developed online learning resource, Blackboard.

A virtual learning environment, Blackboard is a powerful tool that supports and enhances students' learning experience by providing access to course notes, articles, reading materials, spreadsheets, databases, Powerpoint lecture slides, discussion boards, announcement pages and much more.

Each degree scheme and unique module has its own dedicated Blackboard microsite. The vast majority of all essential material will be made available to students via this site, as will supplementary materials. Lively discussions on topical subjects relevant to specific modules can also take place in the Blackboard virtual seminar room.

Every module leader will make extensive use of this facility to enhance and support each and every student's learning and development.

Printing and Photocopying

Black and white laser printing is available in all computer rooms, including colour printing in sizes from normal A4 to poster size A0.

Self-service photocopiers are located throughout the University.

The Printing and Binding Unit offers volume printing and project / thesis binding, as well as a vast range of other services.

Students with Disabilities

The University can assist with applications for the Disabled Students Allowance, which will help students with disabilities to access the assistive technology and support needed to make the most of their studies.

Two specialised Assistive Technology rooms are provided for the sole use of disabled students or those with additional needs. The rooms contain computers running a range of assistive software, Braille embosser, Rainbow scanner, CCTV magnifier and height adjustable furniture. Additionally, a Braille printer is available in the Main Arts library - this can provide Braille output in both English and Welsh from any electronic text.

Visit the Disability Service for further information about University provision.

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