Professor Jonathan Williams

Division: Financial Studies

Location: Room 1.10, Hen Goleg

Telephone: 01248 38 2642



Head of Bangor Business School and Professor of Banking and Finance

Professor Jonathan Williams is Professor of Banking and Finance. He holds an Honorary Fellowship for Teaching from Bangor University.

Jonathan’s current research interests focus on bankers’ pay, risk-taking and bank efficiency; performance characteristics of family-owned firms; and the effects of diversification upon risk. He is known for his early work on European savings banks with published works on management behaviour; bank efficiency; regional banking; technical change and productivity; and economies of scale. His more recent work centres on financial liberalisation in banking sectors in the emerging markets, and includes studies of bank restructuring; market power and competition; bank privatisation; foreign bank entry; governance; and mergers and acquisitions.

Professor Williams is a contributor to major banking sector studies commissioned by the European Commission, UK Treasury, and the Spanish Savings Banks Foundation amongst others.

Roles within Bangor Business School

  • Head of School
  • Taught modules: International Banking, Banking and Development (Graduate level); Comparative Banking (Undergraduate)

Qualifications/Memberships of professional bodies

PhD (Economics), University of Wales
MA Banking and Finance, University of Wales
BA (HONS) Economics, University of Wales


Forthcoming publications

  • "Bank diversification and financial conglomerates in Europe”, (with P. Dontis-Charitos, S. Staikouras), in Beck, T., Casu, B. (eds), The Palgrave Handbook of European Banking.
  • “Banking and Financial Systems in Brazil”, in G. Vento, Banking in Latin America: After the Great Financial Crisis, Palgrave Macmillan (forthcoming)

Papers under revision/in progress

  • “Determinants of Firm Performance: Dynamics between CEO Education and Experience”, (with T.P. King and A. Srivastav)
  • “Long-term bank performance: what influence for efficiency, risk, education and CEO pay?”, (with T. King and M.M. Uddin)
  • Corporate governance effects on value and risk-taking: Evidence from Mexico, (with J. Poletti-Hughes)
  • Privatisation and liberalisation: A case of Mexican banking, (with S.P. Chakravarty)
  • Transparency on corporate governance reporting and board of directors' strategies, (with J. Poletti-Hughes and G. Briano)


  • What’s in an education? Implications of CEO education for bank performance” (with T. King; A. Srivastav), Journal of Corporate Finance, 37, 287-308, 2016.


  • “Diversification, size and risk: the case of bank acquisitions of nonbank financial firms, (with B. Casu, P. Dontis-Charitos and S. Staikouras), European Financial Management, 2015 doi: 10.1111/eufm.12061
  • “Electronic banking”, in Cooper, C.L. (ed.), The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Management – Vol. IV Finance (Paudyal, K., ed.), Third Edition, Blackwell Publishing, Blackwell Reference Online. 15 June 2015
  • “Banking in Latin America” (with L.F. de Paula and F. Carvalho), in A. Berger, P. Molyneux and J. Wilson (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Banking, Oxford University Press, second edition, 2015 (pp. 984-1016)


  • “Rationalizing the Value Premium in Emerging Markets”, (with M.S. Ebrahim, S. Girma, M.E. Shah), Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money 29, 51-70, 2014.
  • “Dynamic Capital Structure under Political Patronage: The case of Malaysia”, (with M.S. Ebrahim, S. Girma, M.E. Shah), International Review of Financial Analysis 31, 117-128, 2014.
  • “Dealing with Cross-Firm Heterogeneity in Bank Efficiency Estimates: Some evidence from Latin America”, (with J. Goddard and P. Molyneux), Journal of Banking and Finance 40, 13-142, 2014.


  • “The random parameters stochastic frontier cost function and the effectiveness of public policy: Evidence from bank restructuring in Mexico”, (with C.P. Barros), International Review of Financial Analysis 30, 98-108, 2013.
  • “Bank restructuring and bank stability in Latin America”, (with N. Vo), in J. Fernández de Guevara Radoselovics, J. Pastor Monsálvez (eds), Bank Behaviour in Modern Banking, Palgrave Macmillan, 2013 (pp. 48-67).
  • “Bank efficiency in Latin America”, (with P. Molyneux), Efficiency and Productivity Growth: Modelling in the Financial Services Industry, edited by Fotios Pasiouras, John Wiley & Sons, 2013 (pp. 1-18).


  • “Financial market integration in ASEAN stock markets” (with T.C. Hua)
  • “Efficiency and market power in Latin American banking”, Journal of Financial Stability 8, 4, 263-276, 2012


  • The Luenberger indicator and productivity growth: A note on the European savings banks sector (with N. Peypoch, C. Barros), Applied Economics 43, 6, 747-755


  • “A note on productivity change in European co-operative banks: The Luenberger indicator approach”, (with N. Peypoch, C. Barros), International Review of Applied Economics 24, 2, 137-147, 2010
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  • “Analysing the determinants of performance of best and worst European banks: A mixed logit approach” (with C. Barros, C. Ferreira), Journal of Banking and Finance 31, 2189-2203, 2007
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Research Students Supervisor:

  1. Timothy King – Executive compensation and bank risk-taking (Completed July 2013)
  2. Surraya Rowe - Bank credit ratings (joint supervision with O. ap Gwilym) (Completed December 2014)
  3. Irena Huang – Size and liquidity at banks in China (with R. Xie)
  4. Nia Wyn Williams - M&A in Banking (with J. Thornton)
  5. Livia Pancotto – Towards Banking Union in Europe: Evidence from the CDS Market (with O. ap Gwilym)
  6. Kholoud Alawadhi – Liquidity risk at Islamic banks (with R. Xie)
  7. Shanti Ottemusu – Geography and bank performance in Indonesia (with R. ap Gwilym)
  8. Saja Younis – State-ownership and bank privatisation in Iraq (with K. Nikolopoulos)
  9. Kelly Cai – Gender diversity and performance (with John Ashton)


Postgraduate Teaching:

  • International Banking (ASB-4411)
  • Banking and Development (ASB-4409)

Undergraduate Teaching:

  • Comparative Banking (ASB-2505/3505)


Editorial Board Membership:

  • Member of the PhD Academic Board of Marconi University, Italy
  • European Review of Economics and Finance
  • Member of Scientific Committee of the new working paper series of the Department of Business Studies (DSI) of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

PhD examinations:

  • Cardiff University; Cass Business School; University of Essex; University of Granada; Universidad Complutense, Madrid; University of Leicester; University of South Australia; University of Southampton; Strathclyde University; Coventry University.
  • External examiner for taught degrees: ICMA Centre, Henley Business School, University of Reading; BSc (Hons) Finance and Investment Banking, from 2013; European Business School London, Regent’s University; MSc Global Banking and Finance, 2009-2013; Isle of Man International Business School; BA (Hons) Business Studies, BA (Hons) Business Management, 2009-2012

Keynote addresses, and other prestigious guest presentations:

Keynote speaker – CIEF conference on European Integration and Banking Efficiency, Lisbon (2003); invited guest speaker – World Bank conference on Bank Privatisation in Low and Middle Income Countries (2003), Deutsche Bundesbank (2003), Oxford Centre for Brazilian Studies conference on Financial Liberalization and Economic Performance (2006) Brazilian Studies conference on Financial Liberalization and Economic Performance (2006)