Professor Lynn Hodgkinson

Division: Financial Studies

Location: Room 1.13, Hen Goleg

Telephone: 01248 38 2165



Professor of Accounting and Finance

Professor Lynn Hodgkinson was first appointed to Bangor Business School in 1987 following the completion of her PhD studies as a Research Officer at Plymouth Business School. She left Bangor to take up a senior lectureship at Liverpool University in 2002 but returned to Bangor as a senior lecturer in 2003 and became Professor of Accounting and Finance in 2006. Her recent publications include papers in British Accounting Review, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Journal of Banking and Finance and European Financial Management.

Roles within Bangor Business School

  • Director of Student Engagement
  • Director of Centre for Impression Management in Accounting Communication (CIMAC)
  • Subject group co-ordinator (Accounting)

Other Professional Interests

  • Chair of the Conference of Professors of Accounting and Finance
  • Member of the ESRC College of Peer Reviewers
  • Member of the Steering Group for the Tax Research Network
  • Associate Editor British Accounting Review


Her research interests include mergers and dividend policy, and she continues to be particularly interested in the impact of taxation on corporate finance decisions.


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Research Students Supervisor

Jinwen Yan and Mehmet Maksud Onal


Undergraduate Teaching

  • Introduction to Management and Financial Accounting (ASB-1110)

Postgraduate Teaching

  • International Financial Management (ASB-4405)


Visiting appointments

  • University of Sydney (2003)
  • Visiting Fellowship New Zealand Treasury (2008)
  • Visiting Chair University of Sydney (2011)
  • ATAX fellowship, University of New South Wales (2016)
  • Visiting Academic, CSUFT (2016)

Research Assessor

  • Australian Research Council (ARC), nominated as an ‘expert of international standing’ in this respect
  • ESRC

PhD examinations

Sydney, UWE Bristol, De Montfort, Aberystwyth, Southampton