Dr Noemi Mantovan

Division: Financial Studies

Location: Alun 1.07

Tel: 01248 38 8081

Email: n.mantovan@bangor.ac.uk


Senior Lecturer in Economics

Noemi joined Bangor Business School in September 2011 as a Lecturer in Economics. She obtained her PhD from Durham University in 2012. Noemi’s research is focused on political economy and labour economics, and in particular female labour supply, ideology, voting, fiscal policy and volunteering.

Noemi's CV


  • PhD in Economics at Durham University
  • Master in Economics cum laude (2 years postgraduate degree -120 ECTS) at University "La Sapienza" of Rome
  • BSc in Economics cum laude at University "La Sapienza" of Rome.


“Will a Shrink Make You Richer? Gender Differences in the Effects of Psychotherapy on Labour Efficiency” (2017) European Economic Review (with G. Cozzi and S. Galli), forthcoming

"Does it Pay to Work for Free? Negative Selection and the Wage Returns to Volunteer Experience", (2017) Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, vol. 76 (6), p. 1018-1045, (with G. Cozzi and R.M. Sauer)

The Big Society: The Rhetoric and Practice of Volunteerism in the UK, (2014) In T. Bryer, ed. National Service and Volunteerism: Achieving Impact in Our Communities. New York: Lexington Books ( with K.P.R. Bartels, and G. Cozzi). 

"The Big Society", Public Expenditure, and Volunteering",  (2013) Public Administration Review, vol.73 (2), p. 340-351 . (with K.P.R. Bartels, and G. Cozzi). 

Evolution of Ideology, Fairness and Redistribution, (2012), Economic Journal, vol. 122(565), p. 1244–1261,  (with A. Alesina, and G. Cozzi).

Working Papers

Does Volunteering Improve Your Chances of Getting a Better-Paying Job?  (2017) with J. Wilson and R.M. Sauer (Revise and Resubmit at European Sociological Review)

Regulating Rating Agencies: Information, Reputation and Discipline (2017) with L.J.H. Jones, R. Alsakka, and O. ap Gwilym (submitted)

The Dynamics of Domestic Violence: Learning about the Match (2017) with D. Anderberg and R.M. Sauer


  • Macroeconomics (ASB-2308)
  • Macroeconomics (ASB-3301)