Dr Siwan Mitchelmore

Division: Business Studies

Location: Room 2.07, Hen Goleg

Telephone: 01248 38 8345

Email: Siwan@bangor.ac.uk


Dr Siwan Mitchelmore is a lecturer in Business and Management at Bangor Business School. Her research interests fall predominantly within the field of entrepreneurship, small business development/growth with a particular interest in female entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial competencies. Siwan is responsible for the academic management of entrepreneurship modules within Bangor Business School both undergraduate and postgraduate.

Other Roles

Academic Champion of Enterprise

Academic engagement with enterprise at a school level, activities include develop entrepreneurship audit; facilitate the piloting of enterprise training; provide and facilitate support for students setting up in business; link with commercial organisations to provide live projects for students; promote the activities and benefits of entrepreneurship programmes to the institution; establishing support networks for local entrepreneurs and students; developing projects which promote academic engagement with enterprise.

Teaching and designing two new coursers in entrepreneurship - Enterprise By Design (undergraduate) and Leadership by Design (postgraduate).

School Employability Awards Contact: Academic

Creating student and academic awareness; disseminating information; developing suitable student activities.

Entrepreneurship Education Project (EEP) Collaborator

This project investigates the impact of enterprise education on undergraduate students internationally. The outcome of this project will offer data-driven insights into the relationship between entrepreneurial education and critical forces underlying a student's successful transformation into an entrepreneur.

Personal Tutor

Provide academic and pastoral care for postgraduate and undergraduate students.



  • Entrepreneurship, Capital and The Firm (ASB-3104)
  • Enterprise By Design
  • Previously designed and delivered Business Planning (ASB-3105)


  • New Venture Creation (ASB-4010)
  • Leadership By Design
  • Supervision of PhD students
  • Previously designed and delivered Business Planning (ASB-4905)


PhD Bangor University
MSc Entrepreneurship, Aberystwyth University
BSc Business Studies, Aberystwyth University

Research Funding

TESLA (Transnational Ecosystems: Laboratory and Actions) - a €3.8m EU funded project (2012-2015) supporting early stage high growth potential companies and funded partially supported by the Interreg IVA North West Europe. The lead partner is the Borders Mid and Western Regional Assembly of Ireland and there are two other Irish partners and partners in Belgium, France, Netherlands and Germany. Bangor University's project element represents €707k total value. The Principal Investigator is Prof. Dermot Cahill and the project will be run through the College of Business, Social Sciences and Law and the School of Electronic Engineering.  

Siwan plays a key role in Bangor University's contribution to the programme, specifically providing expertise to partner businesses in the NEW PRODUCT DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY, and supporting other projects activities - transnational placements, entrepreneurial finance, spin ins and best practice analysis and assessment.

TESLA also includes the prestigious Tilburg University and involves the leading Eindhoven hi-tech campus.

Grant Capture

Academic Champion of Enterprise, a Welsh Assembly Government funded consortium

Awarded: £12k from September 2010-August 2013

Collaborated with: Bangor University Centre for Careers & Opportunities

Other Professional Interests

  • E-commerce
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Business Strategy and growth
  • Business Networking
  • Strategic Management of SME’s

Qualification & memberships of professional bodies

  • Member of the Institute of Small Business Affairs
  • Member of the British Academy of Management
  • Reviewer for International Journal of Public Sector Management


Journal Publications

  • Mitchelmore, S., Rowley, J. and Shui, E (Forthcoming) 'Competencies associated with the growth of women led businesses', Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development
  • Mitchelmore, S., Rowley, J. (2012) 'Entrepreneurial Competencies of Women Entrepreneurs Pursuing Business Growth', Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development 20 (1) 1, 125 – 142
  • Mitchelmore, S., Rowley, J. (2012) 'Growth and Planning Strategies within Women-led SMEs', Management Decision 51(1), 83-96
  • Mitchelmore, S., Rowley, J. (2010) 'Entrepreneurial Competencies: A Literature Review and Development Agenda', International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research 16 (2), 92-111.


  • Mitchelmore S and Rowley J (2010), 'Entrepreneurship' in Rowley J., Being an information innovator, London: Facet Publishing, 2010. ISBN 978-1-85604-671-8

Conference Papers

  • Parry, S. and Mitchelmore, S. (2013), 'Sialensau Marchnata mewn Menter Gymdeithasol: Astudiaeth Achos', Cynhadledd Entrepreneuriaeth a Busnes, Prifysgol Aberystwyth. 31 Hydref-1 Tachwedd.
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