Mr Stephen Jones

Division: Business Studies

Location: Room 0.13, Hen Goleg

Telephone: 01248 38 2089



Senior Lecturer in Management Studies

Stephen Jones, as Director of Business Relations, is responsible for the School’s links with businesses in North Wales, & academic collaborative partners around the World. In addition, as senior lecturer he teaches undergraduate, postgraduate, and post-experience executive modules. Having introduced the teaching of ‘entrepreneurship’ and ‘e-business’ at Bangor he now focuses on the discipline of marketing – for teaching, research, & in supporting Small & Medium-sized Enterprises under Government-sponsored engagement projects. As well as UK, he has taught in Dubai, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, USA, & Zimbabwe.

In the last 15 years he has captured grant funding in excess of £2m – principally from UK/Welsh Government and Research Council sources for business development services; EU Interreg sources for management development programmes linking Wales and Ireland; and UK International Development sources for faculty development support to HE institutions in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Roles within Bangor Business School

  • Senior Lecturer in Management Studies - postgraduate and undergraduate, teaching and supervision and pastoral care
  • Director of Business Relations, Bangor Business School – responsible for links with validated partners in UK and overseas
  • Co-ordinator of intensive Bangor-campus teaching provision for overseas collaborative partners
  • Academic supervision of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)


  • MBSc Business and Management, Manchester Business School
  • MSc Marine Geotechnics, UCNW
  • Bsc Marine Biology and Soil Science, UCNW

Research and Teaching Interests

Stephen’s current research focuses on knowledge transfer between academia & industry, & the development of academic identity in students & lecturers. He recently completed supervising a KESS-funded PhD on changing patterns of digital media consumption & distribution in SME music production in Wales. All these topics extend his earlier interests in regional economic development

Undergraduate Teaching

  • ASB-3102 International Business
  • ASB-3107 Marketing of Services

Postgraduate Teaching

  • ASB-4006 Marketing Strategy
  • ASB-4904 Applied Business Project - International Business
  • ASB-4715 Corporate Sustainability & Innovation


Collaborations with other Academic Institutions (public & private)

Stephen’s involvement in this activity has included examples:-

  • Within Bangor University – KTPs with Bio-composites Centre, Canolfan Bedwyr, Creative Studies & Media, & Electronic Engineering; joint development of academic programmes with Chemistry, Computer Science, Environment Natural Resources & Geography, & Modern Languages.
  • Within North Wales - as joint chair of the business & management subject group of the Community university of North Wales Partnership.
  • In Eastern-Europe & the Middle East -faculty development programmes funded by UK government for institutions in Middle East & Russia, concentrating on issues of pedagogy.
  • Elsewhere in Europe & Asia-Pacific - programme administration & programme content advice on taught modules & projects/dissertations, staff development activities, programme administration support including Quality Assurance & governance matters, joint EU programme activities
  • Attendance at External Exam Boards, Validation Panels, Quinquennial Inspection Reviews.

Links with industry

Stephen continues to build on prior senior management experience in the Middle East & SE Asia, which included a period as Corporate Representative in Beijing in 1987 for a Fortune 500 corporation headquartered in Massachusetts.

Examples of activities with industry have included the creation, delivery & quality assurance of cross-border business development programmes between Wales & Ireland, & Wales & Italy (with EU funding); & programmes for management development (see Executive Education below).

A major activity has been as academic supervisor on Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with individual SMEs. These engagements, funded jointly by the Technology Strategy Board & Research Councils with financial contribution from the company, place a graduate in the company to work on a project of strategic significance. A portfolio of 12 projects (typically each of two years duration) have been completed across the spectrum from physical goods to pure services, for organizations serving individual consumers & corporate clients, operating on commercial & not-for-profit bases. These strategic interventions have included internationalisation, application of Internet-based solutions, new product development, & organizational optimization initiatives. Particularly satisfying have been contributions to the Welsh economy, language, culture & society through projects focusing on Welsh book publishing, the Welsh music industry, Welsh creative industry incubators & community initiatives, support to Welsh language broadcasting, & the diversification of Welsh agricultural products.