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The Chinese Bridge Competition

You are invited to participate in the first round of the Chinese Bridge competition!

The Chinese Bridge – Chinese Proficiency Competition – is a large-scale international Chinese contest organised annually by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and it provides an important platform in terms of cultural and educational exchanges worldwide. Please visit the Hanban’s website for more detailed information.

The first round of the competition will be held at the Confucius Institute on 7th February 2020 (2pm–4pm) and we welcome all participants who would like to show their Mandarin skills to the public!

The format for the first competition round is as follows:

Giving a speech on your own chosen topic: 3 minutes. This should include a brief section on introducing yourself in Chinese.

A cultural knowledge quiz: 2 minutes. You should answer 6 questions (including 4 questions on Chinese Language, 1 questions on Chinese culture and history and 1 questions on Chinese news and geography).

Personal talent demonstration: 3 minutes. Chinese cultural performance (e.g. Chinese Kong fu, Tai chi, paper-cutting, calligraphy, painting, playing of Chinese musical instruments, singing and dancing and so on).

To secure your place for the first round of the competition, please email us at or call 01248 388555

Entry requirements

  • University students (18–30 years old).
  • Non-Chinese nationality, born and grow up out of China, whose first language is not Chinese.
  • Have not participated in this competition before.

Competition format and prizes

Participation Process includes preliminary rounds (held in UK) and Semi-finals and finals (held in China).

All applicants must pass the preliminary test on 7th February 2pm-4pm at Bangor Confucius Institute.

The first two candidates of each country will attend the global secondary test in China (transportation and food and accommodations are covered by the committee).

Test arrangements:

  • The first two candidates of the preliminary test will attend a secondary test which will be held in London.
  • The candidates who pass the secondary test will attend the finals for the UK competition.
  • The preliminary tests should be completed by the end of 13th February 2020.
  • The deadline for uploading the applications for the candidates attending the secondary test in London should be by the end of 14th February 2020.
  • The secondary test will be arranged on the afternoon of 2nd May 2020.


The winners of the preliminary and secondary competitions will be awarded prizes by the organisers.

The Final prizes for the UK competitions are:

  • £400 for 1st Place (one winner)
  • £300 for 2nd Place (one winner)
  • £200 for 3rd Place (two winners)
  • £100 for 4th Place (three winners)

The 1st and the 2nd prize winners will have the chance to represent UK in the semi-finals and the finals in China.

Bangor University Contestants 2019