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China Summer Camp 2018

Discover Chinese Language and Culture

The Confucius Institute at Bangor University/HANBAN/CUPL Annual Summer Camp took place in the last two weeks of July 2018. Bangor University students learnt a great deal about Chinese language and culture and took part in many exciting activities alongside students from Barbados and Romania from CUPL’s partner Universities. The students spent time trying delicious food, visiting word heritage sites and forging new friendships with local and international students.

The programme schedule for Summer Camp 2018 can be seen below:

Day Date Programme
Saturday 14 July Arrival in Beijing
Sunday 15 July Chinese lesson/lecture: by CI co-director
Visit the National Museum
Welcome Dinner- CUPL
Monday 16 July CUPL opening ceremony
Cultural class- Beijing
Visit Summer Palace
Tuesday 17 July Visit Hanban HQ
Visit the Forbidden City
Wednesday 18 July Cultural class: Tea Ceremony
Chinese lessons: 1-4
Visit Tuanjiehu Community
Thursday 19 July Visit the Great Wall
Friday 20 July QianMen, Da-Shi-La
Visit Private School
Chinese lessons: 5-8
Saturday 21 July Arrival in Suzhou
Welcome dinner- CUPL
Sunday 22 July CUPL Closing Ceremony
Intro to Oriental Venice, Suzhou & Dumpling making
Monday 23 July Cultural class: Traditional Chinese Painting & Making Incense
Buffet Lunch
Tour Jinji Lake & Scenic Spot
Buffet Dinner
Tuesday 24 July Tour:
Humble Administrator's Garden,
Suzhou Museum,
Ancient canal
Wednesday 25 July Tour GIST and SuNan Folk Arts College
Lunch in the Canteen
Experience Folk Arts & Crafts
Buffet Dinner
Thursday 26 July Chinese lesson/lecture: by GI co- director
Buffet lunch
Back to Beijing (farewell)
Friday 27 July Fly back to UK

We hope you will enjoy next year’s summer camp in July 2019! Xièxiè :)