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DynaMost - Chinese History Resources

Inspired by China’s ancient and fascinating civilisation, this series of lectures and short videos offers a survey of the whole of recorded Chinese history since 2000BC, and aims to help those with an interest in China understand the progression of the nation’s Imperial dynasties over the course of 4000 years. A specially designed timeline complements the DynaMost project, enabling the inquisitive of all ages to learn the sequence of dynasties and place key Chinese innovations.

The Dynamost videos are available to watch here and on YouTube and YouKu in English, English with Mandarin subtitles and in Welsh. Please click on the thumbnails below to play the videos.

DynaMost 1 - Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties (2000BC - 256AD)

Click here for English with Mandarin subtitles.


DynaMost 2 - Qin, Han, Sui and Tang Dynasties (221BC-907AD)

Click here for English with Mandarin subtitles.

Drat Those Dynasties! – Lessons in Chinese History

Sign up for our interactive Chinese history lessons (four hourly sessions), designed to provide a fun and informative journey across time and space to the China of old. Accessible for a range of learners (aged 16 years+), the classes will teach students about the dramatic rise of China's wealth and global economic and political importance, and put this into the context of their own cultures and histories.

School and community groups are welcome to apply. For more information, please email us at: or call: 01248 388555.