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Job Opportunity - Teach English in China

This is an exciting opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience abroad!

If you are a native English speaker with Bachelor degree or above and you are interested to teach English language in China, please see below for more information.

Job description 

  • Teach in Shenzhen in Guangdong Province
  • Up to 20 teaching hours per week
  • Students’ Age: 4-16 years old

Terms of Employment

  •  Contract Length: one year or long term recruitment
  •  No deadline to apply- we accept teachers each month
  •  Salary: 1,600-3,000 USD/Month
  •  Airfare refund: 700-1,400USD/Year
  •  Free accommodation
  •  Paid holiday, we will provide your work permit


  • Native English speaker
  • Bachelor’s degree or above
  • Major and age not limited

How to apply - Procedure

Send email to with following items:

  1. CV (Please state your Skype ID or Whatsapp in your CV) 
  2. Bachelor degree copy (if not yet awarded, please state when it will be awarded) 
  3. Passport-size photo (white background) 
  4. Self-introduction video, 45-60 seconds 


  • Please make sure that both your degree scan copy and passport-size photo are clear 
  • Candidates can apply even if they have not grauaded yet, However, the candidate have to receive their bachelor degree before departing to China. Bachelor degree is the minimum requirement to apply for Chinese work permit. 
  • Please send your video to WhatsApp: +1876-995-9230

The procedure is:

  1. Collecting CV & other particulars (as above) 
  2. Interviews will be held via Skype (remotely)
  3. If the candiade is selected, they will be informed by email/wechat.
  4. Sign a contract with the candidate.
  5. Candidates should prepare and send the documents for Chinese work permit (TEFL certificate, non criminal report, bachelor degree, medical report, etc). This may take around 15-20 days.
  6. Employer will apply for candidates’ work permit online via Chinese government website (2 weeks), after approval, the work permit notification will be sent to candidates via email.
  7. Candidates should print out work permit notification, and apply Chinese work VISA in home country China Embassy (it ususlly takes 3-5 days) 
  8. We suggest candidates tobuy one-way ticket in first instance.

Q & A

Case Studies

1. Mr Alex Inch (From  UK)

Work City:     Shenzhen City/China         
Work School:   Qiao Xiang Foreign Language School
University:   Oxford University, UK        
Arrival China:  Sept of 2018

2. Mr Darren Robinson (From  UK)

Work City:  Beijing/China                                  
Work School:   Golden Bridge Kindergarten
University: University of Ulster, UK                   
Arrival China:  Feb of 2017

3. Ms Arion Bishop  (From USA)


Work City:        Shenzhen/China
Work School:   Nanhu Primary School
University:       Dillard University,  LA
Arrival China:  Sept of 2018

4. Ms Sydney Marie Bundy  (From USA)


Work City:        Shenzhen/China
Work School:   Huafu Elementary School
University: Dillard University,  LA
Arrival China:  Sept of 2018

5. Mr Brett Taylor (From USA)

Work City:        Shenzhen/China
Work School:   Shenzhen Primary School
University: The Evergreen State College, CA
Arrival China:  Feb of 2016

6. Ms Decia Gillispie (From Jamaica)


Work City:         Shenzhen/China
Work School:   Shenzhen Primary School
University:        University of Technology, Jamaica
Arrival China:   Feb of 2018

Sample Accommodation