Language Resources Links

Language centre and online resources for those who are learning Welsh.

BBC Cymru Cymraeg
A website for tutors and those who are learning Welsh.

BBC Learn Welsh
A website with useful resources at all levels for those learning Welsh.

BBC Cymraeg yn y Gweithle
A website with interactive and practical resources for Welsh learners and those who use Welsh in the workplace.

BBC Cymru Dysgu
Useful resources to revise Welsh and Maths (Welsh medium) GCSE's and advice for English speaking parents on how to look for Welsh revision resources for their children.

S4/C's website for learners
Useful services and resources for Welsh learners.

Porth Termau Cenedlaethol Cymru
A national resource which enables you to search through most of the Welsh-English standardized dictionaries of terms.

Study Skills, Bangor University

A drop-in advisory service which gives help with study skills for all Bangor University students. The service is offered by experienced tutors and is available through the medium of Welsh.

Welsh predictive text
Useful resource for texting in Welsh.

This is a bank of terms used by Assembly Government translators. It is continually updated with a view to providing an increasingly comprehensive database of terminology which is standardised and which reflects current usage in the various fields of the Assembly's work.
A bilingual online magazine with an emphasis on technology.