FAQs: University Language Scheme

1. What does 'language of choice' mean?

Staff and students inform the University which language they would prefer to use when dealing with the institution. For staff, a record of this information is kept on Agresso; or students, a record is kept in Banner.

2. Does the e-mail / letter need to be bilingual?

Correspondence with individuals in Wales: in the individual's chosen language or bilingual if language of choice is not known.

Correspondence with groups of staff / students / members of the public / organisations in Wales: bilingual (unless you are sure of the language choice of each individual).

3. Does the marketing material need to be bilingual?

Materials to be distributed in Wales: bilingual with both versions available at the same time.

4. Does the advert in the Daily Post need to be bilingual?

All adverts in the press in Wales need to be bilingual, except for adverts in Welsh language publications.

5. What should the language requirement of this post be?

Consider the nature of the post carefully. For guidance see the Code of Practice for Appointing in Accordance with the Language Scheme, or contact Human Resources or Canolfan Bedwyr.