Out of Office Messages

These are a few examples of some "out of office" messages. According to the University's Language Scheme "out of office" messages need to be bilingual, with the Welsh appearing above or before the English.

Out of Office O'r swyddfa
Thank you for your message

Diolch am eich neges

I am out of the office until Wednesday, 3 March

Rwyf allan o'r swyddfa tan ddydd Mercher,

3 Mawrth

If you require information about .. , please contact…

Os ydych eisiau gwybodaeth am .., cysylltwch â ..

os gwelwch yn dda

If your message is urgent, please contact


Os ydy'ch neges yn un frys, cysylltwch â . .


I shall only be able to check e-mails occasionally until then

Dim ond weithiau y byddaf yn darllen fy e-bost tan hynny

I shall respond to your e-mail on my return

Fe wnaf ateb eich e-bost ar ôl i mi ddod yn ôl

I am away from the office until … and will respond to your e-mail as soon as possible after my return.

Rwyf i ffwrdd o'r swyddfa tan…ac fe wnaf ateb

eich e-bost mor fuan â phosib ar ôl i mi ddod yn ôl.