Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary)

Subjects offered

Trainee teachers take one main subject and in some cases have the opportunity to follow a second subject if they so wish. Alternatively trainee teachers may follow a joint main course of Outdoor Activities Education with one other subject (except PE).

The following subjects are offered:

* These subjects allow trainee teachers to have the opportunity to follow a second subject if they so wish

Candidates who choose to follow a second subject will normally have studied the subject to A-Level or equivalent. These courses, which allow you the opportunity to maintain an interest in a second subject, will train you to teach Key Stage 3 of the National Curriculum.

Professional Studies

All of the PGCE trainee teachers come together for this part of the course and work mainly in cross-disciplinary seminar groups.

This component focuses on whole-school issues which are relevant to all subject areas, such as:

  • counselling and pastoral care
  • special educational needs
  • class management
  • recognising dyslexia
  • assessment for learning
  • learning styles

Aberystwyth, our partner University will provide teacher training for English, ICT, Modern Languages & other subject areas
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