Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary)

Grants and financial support

For 2018/19, Bangor University will charge a tuition fee of £9,000 for a full time PGCE course. If you currently live in Wales or the EU outside the UK, (including the Republic of Ireland) you could be eligible for:

  • Tuition Fee Loan of up to £9,000, non-income assessed which you start paying back after you leave University and earn £21,000 or more a year.        

The Tuition Fee Loan is available regardless of family income.

Financing your Living Costs

Students from low income households will be entitled to apply for a grant. English domiciled student can apply for a Maintenance Loan of up to £8,700 and Welsh domiciled students can apply for a Welsh Government Learning Grant and Maintenance Loan  amounting to £9,000. For further details see the following website:

As well as being eligible for the Maintenance Loans/ Welsh Government Learning Grant and the Tuition Fee Grant and Loan, UK trainee teachers will also be eligible to apply for the same support as undergraduate students; this will include  Parents Learning Allowance, Childcare Grant, Adult Dependant Grant and the Disabled Student Allowance.

Student should apply for student finance on-line or if you would prefer you could download paper application forms which once complete you return to your student-funding organisation to be assessed.  For to apply and or further information please visit the following websites. (Students normally living in Wales) (Students normally living in England)  (Students normally living in Northern Ireland) (Students normally living in Scotland)

Alternatively visit the University’s website: (All)
EU students, in addition to the training grants, will be eligible for the Tuition Fee Grant and Loan (as mentioned above). For further information you can visit the following website or contact the Student Finance Services European Team

Phone number: (+44) (0) 141 243 3570


Training Grants

Availability of Initial Teacher Training incentives is announced by the Welsh Government on an annual basis. The Initial Teacher Training incentive grants in Wales for students starting in the 2018/19 academic year are as follows for the subjects taught at Bangor University:

Training grant amount

Subject or Phase

Degree qualification classification


Postgraduate secondary courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry or Welsh

1st and/or PhD/Masters


Postgraduate secondary courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry or Welsh



Postgraduate secondary courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry or Welsh



Postgraduate secondary courses in biology, religious education, art, physical education, music, outdoor education.
Postgraduate primary courses.

1st and/or PhD/Masters

£3,000 supplement

Postgraduate primary courses with a degree subject specialism of English, Welsh, Mathematics, physics or chemistry

1st and/or PhD/Masters


Bursaries for PGCE students who are not eligible for ITT Training Grants

Bangor University have introduced bursaries for PGCE student who are not eligible to receive the ITT Teaching Grants. These bursaries will be assessed on a student’s taxable household income and awarded in the second semester.

Bangor Bursaries:

Household income below £25,000 = £1,000
Household income between £25,000 and £40,000 = £500
Further information about the Bangor Bursaries is available on the University website: