Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary)

Course organisation

The course runs from early September to the end of June and trainee teachers are in schools for the equivalent of 24 weeks. The time in schools involves both classroom teaching and school-based activities under the guidance of both school mentors and University tutors.

During the year, trainee teachers will have the experience of teaching in at least two different secondary schools in addition to spending some time in a primary school.

Trainee teachers are placed in small groups in Partnership schools which are mainly located throughout North and Mid Wales; during the periods of School Experience they may be required to live away from Bangor. The schools, although they vary in size and linguistic complexion, are in the main 11-18 comprehensive schools but there is also a small number of private schools and schools that cater for pupils from 11 to 16 years of age which feed into sixth-form colleges.

The emphasis of the course is on developing practical teaching skills supported by understanding and awareness of current educational issues. It consists of two interrelated components which have both university-based and school-based elements: Subject Studies and Professional Studies.