PGCE (Secondary) Mathematics

This course is based upon the view that mathematics is an enjoyable subject and that every member of a school can achieve satisfaction from doing mathematics.

The course is workshop based so that you have the opportunity to participate actively in each and every session. A variety of teaching approaches are considered for use in the classroom including problem solving, investigational work and the use of Information Technology. Initially, you will concentrate on how to plan lessons and how to incorporate variety in to your teaching. A key aspect of the course is the opportunity to develop your teaching so as to cater for the different learning styles of pupils.

The National Curriculum is a major focus of the course and is examined in detail so that you are well prepared for your first teaching post.

A variety of schools are visited so that you encounter several different environments and your experience is as wide as possible.

Course assignments are directly related to your teaching practice so that they are helpful and relevant.

Mathematics is both an exciting subject to teach and to learn. You will have the opportunity to learn to teach effectively so that pupils in your charge can engage actively with mathematics and can make sound progress.

Please contact Gwyn Jones if you wish to discuss any aspect of the course.

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