Trafodion Addysg - Education Transactions

Trafodion Addysg - Education Transactions is published in the form of bilingual booklets that are also available online. Thay encompass specific areas of the curriculum as well as the more general area of research and development in a Wales context. Trafodion Addysg - Education Transactions includes two series:

Series A: The Curriculum
Series B: General

Each series has a distinct focus. Whereas Series B is based on research, Series A concentrates on the nature of best practice within specific areas of the curriculum. As the publications in Series A are directed more specifically at trainee teachers and serving teachers, they generally have a wider appeal than the more research-oriented publications in Series B. Series B aims to publish material to complement that which is published in research journals, including The Welsh Journal of Education.

Up to now, the following publications have become available:

Series A: The Curriculum

Addysg Gerdd yn yr Ysgol Gynradd - Music Education in the Primary School,
Caryl Roese, 2003. ISBN 1 84220 046 1.

Addysg Gelf yn yr Ysgol Gynradd - Art Education in the Primary School,
Gill Figg, 2002. ISBN 1 84220 035 6.

Addysg Grefyddol yn yr Ysgol Gynradd - Religious Education in the Primary School,
Geraint Davies, 2004. ISBN 1 84220 059 3

Mathemateg yn yr Ysgol Gynradd - Mathematics in the Primary School,
Dylan V.Jones, Ann Dowker, and Delyth Lloyd, 2005. ISBN 1 84220 0607.

Dylunio a Thechnoleg yn y Cwricwlwm - Design and Technology in the Curriculum,
Gwyn Pritchard, Aki Rasinen, Pasi Ikonen, Timo Rissanen, David Barlex, Louise Davies, 2008. ISBN 978 1 84220 102 2.

Series B: General

Ennill Iaith – A Language Gained, Cen Williams, 2002. ISBN 1 84220 026 7.

Addysg Cyfrwng Cymraeg a Dwyieithog – Welsh-medium and Bilingual Education,
Catrin Redknap. W Gwyn Lewis, Sian Rhiannon Williams and Janet Laugharne, 2006. ISBN 1 84220 072 0

Iaith yn y Gymru Amlieithog – Language in Multilingual Wales, Jonathan Brentnall, Jenny Cann and Cen Williams, 2009. ISBN 978 1 84220 116 9

Addysg Dinasyddiaeth yng Nghymru – Citizenship Education in Wales, Sheila Bennell, Shirley Egley, David Norcliffe and David Sullivan, 2011. ISBN: 9781 84220 122 0

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