Thinking of going to university?

Entry requirements 

Check the course details to make sure your grades or expected grades match what they’re looking for. Also, see if you’ll need any specific work experience to get in. 

Some courses will ask you to sit an entrance test or exam or prepare a piece of coursework while some universities will ask you to come in for an interview before offering you a place. But don’t worry, your school or college can arrange a mock interview so that you’re well prepared.  

Bangor University Main Arts Building

Attend an Open Day

There’s no better way of knowing if a university is the right fit for you than to attending an Open Day.  You’ll be able to talk to students and staff and ask any questions you have as well as explore the area to see if you can see yourself living there.


Students having fun by the lake in Llanberis

Size and location are important for you to consider. Are you looking for a big city university or a smaller close-knit community? Look at a map and see how far the University is in case you need to make frequent trips back home with your laundry or for family birthdays and special occasions.  

What are the facilities like? How’s the university performing in league tables? Do they offer study abroad or work experience opportunities? These are all factors that you’ll need to consider before making up your mind. 

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