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13 September 2012

Main Arts, Bangor University
Bangor LL57 2DG


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Main Arts, Bangor University, 13 September 2012

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It is a year since the wave of urban riots swept across the country. The riots highlighted once again the complex series of problems and issues that have impacted on modern Britain for many decades and 'broken Britain' has, once more, become a politicised issue.

The topic of social stability (or lack of it) has long attracted academic interest from a range of disciplines, from historians to social scientists, human geographers to planners. This one-day conference aims to bring together papers from different disciplines to discuss community, cohesion and stability in modern Britain, from nineteenth century class movements and social control to regeneration, from housing to urban riots. In so doing, it hopes to stimulate debate and further research on what have been historically important topics and what are still vital in both influencing policy and understanding society.

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