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Research Themes in the School of Social Sciences

Health, Social Care, Welfare and Wellbeing

Bangor University has an international reputation for interdisciplinary and innovative research concerned with the effects of innovation, social changes, political and policy developments on health, mental health, poverty, social care, welfare and wellbeing.  Our research on these issues in the School of Social Sciences contributed to Bangor’s Research Excellence Framework submission and is internationally recognised. The quality and relevance of our work benefits from established expertise in social sciences methodologies and in our partnerships with major universities, international agencies, the NHS, private and not for profit providers, local policy makers and practitioners. 

Communities, Cultures, Language and Identities

The School of Social Sciences is known for its innovative research on the formation of social and cultural collectivities, and with how social and political transformations affect local social relations and participation in civil society.  Bangor University has a long standing international reputation for Welsh Language and bilingualism research and research conducted in the School of Social Sciences contributed to Bangor’s Research Excellence Framework submission. Research in this theme is underpinned by a wide range of empirical, methodological and theoretical interests.

Crime, Criminal Justice and Society

Researchers across the College of Business, Law, Education and Social Sciences are interested in the effects of crime as well as criminal justice on society. This includes internationally recognised research conducted in the School of Social Sciences exploring representations of crime in news and entertainment media, policy development on the appropriate responses to crime, changes in criminal justice arrangements in times of austerity, as well as broader theoretical questions of governance through crime and justice.

Cross cutting theoretical and methodological interests

Research across the School of Social Sciences is underpinned by a broad range of theoretical and methodological interests. This includes particular strengths in: sociological theory, critical theory, biographical and narrative methods, conversation and discourse analysis, data linkage, intervention development, randomised controlled trials, systematic review methodology, locality and third sector research, bilingual research, and health, social and public policy audit and evaluation.

The Menai Papers

The Menai Papers is a series of working papers produced by Bangor WISERD on behalf of the School of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences at Bangor University.