July 2013


Bangor Conference on the Restoration: The Image of Monarchy in Britain and Ireland, 1649–1714

College of Arts and Humanities, Bangor University LL57 2DG
Monday 29 July 2013 – Wednesday 31 July 2013
Bangor University
Linda Jones l.c.jones@bangor.ac.uk

Registration is now open for the Bangor Conference on the Restoration, 2013. This year the meeting will be on the theme of ‘The image of the monarchy, 1649-1714’. Everyone interested in the period, from whatever disciplinary background, is very welcome to attend for three days (from lunchtime on Monday 29 July to lunchtime on Wednesday 31 July) of discussion – and excellent hospitality – in beautiful North Wales. Please find below links to the list of plenary speakers and panels, registration forms, booking forms for accommodation (if you would like to stay in university halls at very reasonable cost), and details of a bursary scheme to reduce the cost for postgraduate students.

For full details please visit the Bangor Conference on the Restoration website.

Plenary Talks:

  • Paul Hammond (Leeds, UK): Images of monarchy in Dryden’s late translations
  • Anne Hughes (Keele, UK): Monarchy and patriarchy, 1649–1660
  • Anna Keay (Landmark Trust, UK): Charles II and the Duke of Monmouth
  • David Loewenstein (Wisconsin Madison, US): Paradise Lost and monarchical image wars
  • John Morrill (Cambridge, UK): Pro rege, pro deo et patria unanimis: imagining monarchy during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms 1642–1660


The Bangor Conference on the Restoration offers up to five bursaries for postgraduate students who wish to attend the 2013 meeting. These will reduce the cost of registration for people currently working on their PhD or Masters degree from £55 to £25. (Please note, the bursaries do not reduce the cost of the evening meals, if you opt to attend these; or of the accommodation if you wish to book this in the university halls – but the cost of both meals and rooms is very reasonable).

To apply, please e-mail Professor Tony Claydon (t.claydon@bangor.ac.uk), with the (provisional) title of your PhD or of your masters course, and a short, one paragraph, summary of how attending the conference would help your studies. Applications are due by Friday 7 June – successful applicants will be informed the week after. There is no need to register for the conference before hearing the result of your application.

For full details please visit the Bangor Conference on the Restoration website.