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Academics and cartoonist bring Sociology to life in the Welsh language

Clawr y gyfrol Cyflwyniad i GymdeithasegTwo academics from Bangor University have collaborated with the cartoonist Huw Aaron to present the important field of Sociology in a fun and memorable way in Welsh, hoping it will lead more Welsh speakers to consider a career in the field.

The ‘Cyflwyniad i Gymdeithaseg’ (Introduction to Sociology) is part of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol’s resource pack to support teaching of Sociology in the Welsh language and has been written by Dr Cynog Prys and Dr Rhian Hodges, both members of the School of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences at Bangor University.

Dr Cynog Prys said, “Rhian and I both studied Sociology at A Level and completed degrees in Sociology and Social Policy in Welsh here at Bangor University, but almost all the resources available at the time were in English. When we began our careers as lecturers, we were determined to create Welsh language resources for pupils and students in Wales. We also pinpointed the need to develop resources which talked about Wales rather a straight translation. This series has given us the opportunity to do both those things, as we refer to Welsh case studies and discuss them in Welsh.”

‘Cyflwyniad i Gymdeithaseg’ is the third publication in the series so far, and is available through the Porth Resources page on the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol website and is suitable for anyone who’s studying A level or anyone beginning on their study of Sociology at university. It discusses what Sociology is, looks at the subject’s historical and philosophical roots, examines key concepts and the value of Sociology in the real world.

An important aspect of the final publication is the selection of images included by the cartoonist Huw Aaron, who has illustrated several books, comics and magazines.

Un o gartwnau Huw Aaron

Dr Rhian Hodges explains, “Students learn in various ways, and it’s important to recognise the value of different visual and audio cues in terms of learning sociological concepts. The pack uses artwork in the form of Huw Aaron’s cartoons, which are both striking and of great help to students in terms of understanding and memorising complex concepts, especially when they’re revising various subjects. The resources are fun and full of humour, making them memorable and really bringing the subject to life.” 

Dr Cynog Prys added, “We hope that these resources will be attractive and will encourage pupils and students to study the subject in Welsh, helping us to foster the next generation of Welsh language sociologists. The world, and Wales, need more sociologists to make sense of all the changes which are central features of today’s society.”

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Link to the ‘Cyflwyniad i Gymdeithaseg’ publication HERE

Publication date: 6 July 2020