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Research Showcase Videos

The College has research strengths across all its constituent schools and in order to raise awareness of the different research specialisms and how these are being applied, both within the College and to outside audiences. The College will be giving academics the chance to showcase their research by delivering short talks which will be filmed and uploaded below. If you do have any questions about any of the research featured do feel free to contact the academics concerned.

Dr Emily Cross

A snapshot of scientific pursuits from the SoBA lab.

Dr Jamie Macdonald

The Extremes Research Group.

Prof. Robert Ward

Deep and shallow appearances

Dr Andrew Cooke

The Sporting Brain (and can it be trained?)

Prof Andrew Lemmey

Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Disorders with Exercise Sciences Research Group

Prof Hans-Peter Kubis

That's the research I love and do!

Prof Rhiannon Tudor Edwards

CHEME - Public Health Economics Research Group

Mr Kevin Mawdesley

The Health Data Platform.

Miss Ruth Lewis

Methods for the assessment of the effectiveness of treatment sequences for clinical and economic decision making in the NHS.

Dr Marlise Poolman

Palliative Care Research.

Dr Julia Hiscock

Talking about HPV.

Prof. Richard Neal

Research into practice: prompt diagnosis of cancer in primary care.