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Industry collaborations

Wales’ first dedicated science park  

Part of Bangor University, Menai Science Park, or M-SParc for short, is where exciting and cutting-edge companies in the science and technology sectors - particularly the low carbon, digital and life science sectors - make their home and receive support to develop their businesses.  

  M-SParc enables Bangor University to be at the forefront of research impact and industry collaboration whilst providing opportunities for graduates, people who are under-employed or who wish to upskill, and those wanting a career change. The Skills Academy at M-SParc has been set up to bridge the skills gap in North Wales, particularly in digital, science and technology and the creative fields, providing opportunities including degree apprenticeships, work placements and career opportunities.  

M-SParc is the ecosystem that brings academia, business, industry and enterprise together. We encourage Bangor University students to take work placements and internships with our tenants - with over 70% of internships becoming careers here at M-SParc! Our M-SParc Academy provides further opportunities for graduates to gain meaningful employment opportunities.

Pryderi Ap Rhisiart,  Managing Director, M-SParc 

As a graduate from Bangor University, I’m now part of an apprenticeship at M-SParc called Skills  Academy.  It’s been a massive help in giving me  much needed  industry experience and an insight into how to operate within this area of employment.  This means when I finish my time here at M-SParc, I will have the necessary industry understanding and experience to move forward into further employment.

Kieron Hughes,  Computer Science Graduate, Bangor University

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