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In a unique collaboration with the NHS, students on our MSc Counselling course provide approximately 1500 hours of counselling to over 200 clients per year within Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB)’s Primary Mental Health Service.   

This type of placement collaboration is unique to Bangor University and was the result of higher public demand for the NHS service, and a lack of ‘client ready’ students coming out of university. 
Up to 15 places a year are offered to successful candidates who go through the selection and interview process.  
As part of the placement, students have access to group supervision, duty scheme daily support and mentorship.  The team also provides regular training sessions to support continued professional development.   
Notable examples of student work include helping organize the NHS Counselling Conference, creating mental health self-help guides to be used by the service, and producing reports on the impact of Covid on counselling services.   

This collaboration offers a unique opportunity for students to work as trainee counsellors within the NHS. Our students are gaining valuable skills and knowledge to help them develop as counsellors.

Professor Fay Short,  School of Psychology , Bangor University

The collaboration between Primary Mental Health and Bangor University adds an invaluable layer of support to the NHS during times of great need in the local community, enabling students to gain valuable skills and knowledge helping to develop a career in counselling.

June Lovell,  Manager. Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board’s Primary Care Mental Health Counselling Service

I have been through the complete journey of learning and progression with Bangor University, helped enormously by its close links with the NHS.    

Completing a BSc in Psychology, I progressed to the MSc in Counselling where I won a placement at the Mental Health Service. This has led me to become both a Sessional Counsellor and Psychology Lecturer.     

Bangor University has provided me with enormous opportunities. 

Kevin Deyna-Jones,  Lecturer, Counselling Psychology, Bangor University & Sessional Counsellor, BCUHB Primary Care Mental Health

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