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NHS 75 Bangor Alumni

A warm welcome to our NHS 75 Bangor Alumni!

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5 July 2023 marks 75 years of the National Health Service - a momentous occasion that we are proud to commemorate.

We hope to recognise the hard work and dedication of our alumni in helping the NHS reach this milestone. From frontline healthcare workers, to research scientists, to lecturers, Bangor University graduates and our colleagues in the School of Medical and Health Sciences have made an invaluable contribution to the NHS throughout its history.
We want to honour and celebrate the NHS for its dedicated service and commitment to providing healthcare to the public.

Let us come together to thank and celebrate our alumni and the NHS on this historic anniversary.

To mark its 75th anniversary we asked our alumni working for the NHS how they would describe the institution. Invaluable, caring, and essential featured most commonly in their responses. They were unanimous when asked what motivated them to work for the NHS, they wanted to help people when they needed it most. Their job satisfaction comes from knowing that they have made a made a positive difference to the lives of others.

Charley Woollams in a car, with sunglasses on her head

Genomic Practitioner Charley Woollams

"The NHS is so important to us and I wanted to help out and make a difference to patient care."

Jonathan Cliffe smiling and looking at the camera

Midwifery Team Leader Jonathan Cliffe

"No two days are ever the same. Each and every day I come to work I learn something new. No two days, no two births and no two women are ever the same. It’s an honour to be part of an individual journey into parenthood."

Jade Roberts close up looking straight at camera

Senior Biomedical Scientist and Training Officer Jade Roberts

 "I enjoy working with a great team of highly skilled and caring professionals in a rewarding role."

Sophie Bebb close up photo taken in car

Associate Practitioner Sophie Bebb

"I love the job satisfaction of venting and gram staining blood cultures, using microscopy and molecular platforms to detect specific organisms."

Elisha Hughes in a lab holding a BMS certificate noting that they work as a biomedical scientist

Biomedical Scientist (Microbiology) Elisha Hughes

"I enjoy looking down the microscope and seeing another world and knowing that I'm making a difference in patient care."

Megan Phillips smiling to camera in orange coat with curtain behind her

Staff Nurse in Ophthalmology Megan Phillips

"Do it! It's not always easy but its always a challenge and you're never on your own, there's always someone to talk to."

Elena Thomas, smiling at the camera

Practice Nurse Elena Mai Thomas

"Go for it!"

Kayleigh Demain wearing red glasses looking directly at camera.

Deputy Sister Kayleigh Demain

"The NHS has a world renowned reputation which I am proud to be part of."

Barry John Graham-Jones wearing glasses with plants in the background.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner Barry Graham-Jones

"I provide clinical support for Drs and nurses in the management of care of the elderly patients."

Amy Maynard, wearing glasses, looking at the camera

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Amy Maynard

"It is a place where everyone, from all walks of life can access care. Working in the NHS felt like the most appropriate way of helping people."

Guy Blackburn looking at the camera

Senior Specialist Information Analyst Guy Blackburn

"If you love what you do it is a tremendous environment to be able to truly make a difference."

Luke Hughes in laboratory standing in front of large computer display screen

Pathology Head of Education and Development Luke Hughes

"I enjoy getting to work on a range of varied local and national projects with lots of skilled colleagues."

Aaron Jones at work in his NHS uniform

Associate Ambulance Practitioner / Student Paramedic Aaron Jones

"Absolutely do it. It is the best decision I made."

Edward Roberts, wearing glasses and a dark suit an tie

Head of Financial Business Intelligence and Capital Planning Edward Roberts

"The question you should ask yourself is, do you want a career or a job? If the answer is career, the NHS is the route you should go."

Jean Ruddle, wearing glasses, looking at the camera

Consultant Clinical Psychologist Jean Ruddle

"Research it - do volunteer work - know what your signing up for!"

Don't listen to all you see and hear on the news. The NHS workforce is a FORCE, filled with amazing people who go above and beyond every day for the health and well-being of our patients.

I enjoy this role as I have the opportunity to communicate with patients on a daily basis and improve their quality of life. I am also fortunate to have a fully funded MSc in Neurosensory Science as part of the role, which allows me to develop my research skills and support my clinical skills.

Can be very rewarding working within the NHS, but also stressful at times and always need to work together to help patients and protect the NHS in the future.

The NHS can be a fantastic environment to pursue a career.  I had a fantastic career and was proud to have worked in the health service, and would love more people in my field of work to consider it.

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