Project Outputs


There will be six main categories of output:

1. Primary Texts

  • Editions of the Salisbury Consuetudinary (associated with Old Sarum) and Customary (associated with New Sarum). These will be online, searchable texts with translations and will be available for other researchers to observe, analyse and interpret, or use as models for other investigations. The website will go live later in 2012.
  • Critical edition of the Mass and Office in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary, with translation and commentary (for publication by the British Academy within the series Early English Church Music)
  • Critical edition of the Mass for the Holy Name of Jesus, with translation and commentary

2. Secondary Texts

  • Monograph provisionally entitled ‘Medieval worship at Salisbury: spatial context and ritual enactment’
  • Doctoral thesis provisionally entitled ‘Late medieval devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus: contextual study’
  • Multi-authored volume provisionally entitled ‘The experience of late medieval worship: comparative studies’. (This will include contributions from the interdisciplinary research group, and will evaluate the validity of historical re-enactment as a tool for research into past rituals and practices by ethnomusicologists, anthropologists and sociologists of religion, and social and cultural historians.)

3. Audio-visual recordings of the historical enactments, with performance scripts (available by October 2012)

  • Mass, Vespers and Salve ceremony of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Jesus Mass
  • Sunday Procession before Mass (Salisbury Cathedral)
  • Sunday Procession after Vespers (Salisbury Cathedral)

4. Audio-visual recordings of modern liturgy using medieval building and music (available by October 2012)

  • Eucharist in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Salisbury Cathedral)
  • Procession before the Eucharist (Salisbury Cathedral)

5. Artefacts

  • Late medieval organ, for ongoing practice-led research into the ritual use of the organ in pre- and post-Reformation worship, and performance practice related to repertories for organ and voices and organ (currently 'in residece' at Bangor Cathedral)
  • Historically-informed vestments and artefacts for ongoing investigation of late medieval worship (to be kept permanently at St Teilo's). The ritual objects include an incense boat and spoon, portable candles, flagons, pax, asperges bowl and brush, lavabo bowl, altar pyx, and hanging pyx. The linen includes corporals, purificators, lavabo towels, burse and veil and altar cloths. Vestments include a cope and dalmatic, chasubles, tunicles, stoles, and maniples.

6. Wider impact

  • Report to cathedrals and relevant church, charitable and public funding bodies completed and online, with related public presentation of findings;
  • Public lectures to complement re-enactments and conference to share outcomes at both partner institutions (Salisbury Cathedral and St Fagans: National Museum of Wales);
  • Educational resources for undergraduate and postgraduate training
  • Development of educational resources and initiatives for primary and secondary schools, Futher Education and University of the Third Age) in collaboration with the partner institutions, with initiatives for enhancement of general visitor experience;
  • Public witness of enactments, and public access to online audio-visual resources.