The Centre for Advanced Welsh Music Studies

The Centre for Advanced Welsh Music Studies (CAWMS) is a unique centre for academic excellence that operates at both national and international levels. It is the focal point for serious scholarly engagement with music in Wales in all its manifestations, and is fully committed to spreading an awareness of Welsh music within and beyond Wales. It actively promotes scholarly debate and writing in both the English and Welsh languages. Its journal is the fully bilingual Welsh Music History (Hanes Cerddoriaeth Cymru).

The mission of CAWMS is four-fold:

  • to coordinate and develop Welsh musical scholarship
  • to promote regular conferences and publications
  • to provide written resources in both English and Welsh
  • to collaborate with scholars at an international level, including those in other Celtic countries

Here you will find an introduction to the Centre’s work. We welcome comments and enquiries, particularly from: prospective contributors to our journal; potential conference speakers; or from those keen to study Welsh music or to pursue research in this area.