Welsh Music History



Founded by John Harper in 1996, Welsh Music History (Hanes Cerddoriaeth Cymru) is the journal of CAWMS, published biennially by the University of Wales Press. The first entirely bilingual journal devoted to the study of Welsh music and music in Wales, it seeks to facilitate the sharing, co-ordination, dissemination, and furthering of Welsh musical scholarship, complementing existing activities and publications (such as Canu Gwerin, Allwedd y Tannau, Welsh Music and Studia Celtica).

It has three specific purposes that mirror the brief of the Centre as a whole: (1) the study of Welsh music; (2) the study of music in Wales; and (3) the study of music through the medium of the Welsh language. It recognizes fully the range and extent of Welsh musical scholarship and interprets ‘musicology’ in the widest sense, including music history, music historiography, music analysis and ethnomusicology. Interdisciplinary contributions are always welcomed.

Contents of the first six issues (1996–2004) may be viewed here.

Prospective contributions and enquiries are welcomed and should please be addressed direct to the editors. Items submitted for publication will be reviewed by two specialist readers.

Editorial Board

Sally Harper (Editor)
Wyn Thomas (Welsh language editor)
John Harper (Founder editor)

Owain Edwards, Norwegian State Academy of Music, Oslo
Rhidian Griffiths, The National Library of Wales
Trevor Herbert, The Open University in Wales
David Wyn Jones, Cardiff University
Stephen P. Rees
Pwyll ap Siôn


"… there is something here to suit the taste of anyone interested in music, and the bilingual format is to be highly praised, not only because it avoids confining this new publication to Welsh-speakers, but also because it gives each article in its original language with the translation following, making it much easier to read than those publications which present both languages on the same page.  … This is a volume to be applauded … one which contains a wide variety of material [and] a wealth of scholarly discussion …" (Barn)

"Musical Wales must offer a hearty and grateful welcome to the appearance of … this important scholarly series … Overall it impressively illustrates how infinitely wide is the range of academic topics which fall within the envelope of the concepts of 'Welsh Music'." (Welsh Music)

" … an important publication that fills a significant gap in our understanding of oral traditions and the dissemination of repertory ..." (Early Music)