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Studio 1

Studio 1 (The Parry Williams Studio) is a large 20 channel sound diffusion studio, with 11 floor level ATC speakers and 8 high level Genelec speakers suspended on a flexible trussing system. It has seating for 35 people, making it ideal for teaching and smaller scale concerts.

Studio 1 uses a MacPro with a ProTools 12 system, with Motu 24a/o and 838es interfaces. Alternative DAW software includes Ableton Live, Reaper and Apple Logic. Monitoring is by ATC in the form of two SCM100A, two SCM50A and seven SCM20A PRO active monitors, together with 8 high level Genelec 8030’s and a Genelec 7070A subwoofer. This system offers true 360 surround sound capable of accommodating high-order ambisonic and VBAP spatialisation.

Plug-ins include GRM Tools, Waves Diamond (C4, L1, Q10, C1, S1, Enigma, MondoMod, Ultrapitch, Renaissance Compressor / Reverberator / Equaliser, Audiotrack, MaxxBass, SuperTap, Doppler, MetaFlanger, DeEsser, PS22 & Paz), Focusrite D1 & D2, and many others. Stand-alone software includes Max 8, and IRCAM's complete software tools (Audiosculpt, Catart, Spat, Modalys etc.)

Mackie Control and Control XT units provide 24 channels of flying fader interaction with ProTools and for sound diffusion (using BATmobile), while the analogue desk is a Soundcraft GB8 24-8-2.

An original EMS VC3 MKII with DK1 keyboard controller (circa 1973) provides authentic analogue synthesis and processing capabilities.


Studio 1 is located in our purpose-built sudio suite in a Grade 1 listed building. It is acoustically isolated from adjacent studios and from the rest of the building, with floating floors and extensive sound proofing. It has natural light via two large double-glazed windows affording a between-the-speakers view out over the sea towards the Great Orme.


Apple MacPro Xeon E5
Apple 27” Cinema Displays
MOTU 24a/o and 828 AVB audio interfaces
Samsung 1TB SSD audio storage
Mackie Control and 2x Mackie XT control surfaces
Soundcraft GB8 24-8-2 mixing desk
Alesis Q48 keyboard controller
EMS VCS3 MKII modular analogue synthesizer
Loudspeakers: 2 x ATC SCM50A, 7 x ATC SCM20A PRO, Genelec 7070A subwoofer

Selected Software 

MacOS X 10.13
Digidesign ProTools 12
MOTU Digital Performer
Ableton Live
Apple Logic Pro
Standard Digidesign plug-in suite (EQ, dynamics etc.)
GRMTools Classic (Bandpass, Comb Filters, Delays, Doppler, Freeze, Pitch Accum, Equalizer, Shuffling)
GRMTools ST (Contrast, Equalize, FreqShift, FreqWarp)
Waves Diamond TDM (TrueVerb, C4 Multiband Parametric Processor, L1 Ultramaximiser, Q10 Paragraphic Equaliser, C1, Parametric Compander, S1 Stereo Imager, Enigma, MondoMod, Ultrapitch, Renaissance Compressor, Renaissance Reverb, Renaissance Equaliser, Audiotrack, MaxxBass, SuperTap, Doppler, MetaFlanger, DeEsser, Paz Psychoacoustic Analyzer, PS22 Pseudostereo)
BAT (Bangor Audio Toolkit)
Cycling 74 Max 8
IK Amplitube
IK Sampletank 2
IK T-Racks
Propellerhead Reason Adapted
IRCAM Studio and Research software (Audiosculpt, Catart, Orchids, Modalys, Diphone, PSOLA Additive, SuperVP, OpenMusic, SPAT, NMI, FTM etc.)