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Studio 2

Studio 2 is designed primarily for recording, editing and production of music for film and television. It also handles a variety of classical, pop and folk music recording projects. Its facilities are used within the Department for undergraduate modules with a vocational emphasis, including Recording & Editing and Popular Music Production, and aspects of the postgraduate courses in Music Technology. Studio 2 is fully equipped for digital recording, editing and production, and for working to picture. It is based around a 400 MHz Macintosh G4 running ProTools 5, with a Digi001 interface and 50GB of hard disk space. The studio is housed in an air conditioned room adjacent to Studio 1. The control room is separated from the recording booth by a double-glazed door, and connected by a number of tie-lines for recording and talk-back. It also has tie lines to the Pritchard Jones and Powis concert halls.

Image from Studio 2

Microphones include 8x Schoeps CMC5U/MK4 cardiod combinations, a Schoeps CMTS 501U stereo, 2x AKG 414 multi-pattern, 4x AKG C1000 cardiods and 2x Shure SM57.

Other equipment includes custom-built main monitors, Yamaha NS10 nearfieldd monitors, Sony MDS-E10 Professional MiniDisk recorder, Genex 8 Track magneto-optical recorder, Tascam CD recorder, Akai DR1200 12-Track magneto optical recorder with DD1000 editor, Otari DTR90 Timecode DAT, Akai S3000 sampler, and a large array of outboard gear including a Lexicon PCM70.


Studio 2 is located next to Studio 1 and the recording booth in a Grade 1 listed building. It is acoustically isolated from adjacent studios and from the rest of the building, with floating floors and extensive sound proofing.