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Studio 3

Studio 3 is a multi-user facility based around four individual workstations. Each workstation comprises:

Image from Studio 3
  • Mac mini Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83GHz, 100MB Zip drive, optical mouse
  • Macintosh 20" Cinema Display
  • Digidesign M-Powered with ProTools 7 mixing and editing software
  • Logic Express MIDI sequencing software
  • Akai S3000 sampler
  • MIDI keyboard controller
  • Sibelius 6 notation software

Image from Studio 3Each workstation is connected to the Internet, and to the local ethernet network, providing 100Mb connections to Studios 1 and 2, and allowing networked printing on an HP Laserwriter. In addition, one of the workstations has enhanced capabilities, including recording on DAT, outboard signal processing, additional hardware synthesis, and synchronization to video.

NOTE: All the above details and specifications are subject to constant revision.


Studio 3 is located next to Studio 2 and connects to the the recording booth. It also has access to the Powis Concert Hall.