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Health, Safety and Environmental Management

Fire and Emergency Systems Management

PaCS is responsible for the maintenance and management of the fabric and services of all non-residential University owned, leased or rented buildings (unless otherwise arranged through leasehold or other agreements). In addition to the inclusion of fire in general risk assessments for the buildings PaCS occupy e.g. Ffriddoedd, PaCS will arrange for a competent person(s) to undertake Building Fire Risk Assessments (BFRAs) of all University buildings.

Void and Vulnerable Properties Management

PaCS has appointed responsible persons to ensure adequate controls are in place at all times to protect persons and property from significant risks related to Void and Vulnerable Properties (VVPs).

PaCS has put in place a management system to monitor the condition of its VVPs, which includes:

  • A list of all properties held on Planon; this list is maintained by the PaCS Safety and Compliance Manager.
  • A bi-annual meeting is held with various members of PaCS to review the management system. Meeting minutes and actions are recorded, reviewed and distributed to applicable senior management team members.
  • A system of inspections to ensure all significant hazards are managed and that any residual risk shall be reduced as far as reasonably practicable.

Asbestos Remediation and Removal

PaCS are tasked by the University to manage asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) within the fabric of buildings on the University estate. Guidance and support for this is provided by the PaCS Safety and Compliance Manager.

The University’s Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) outlines the University’s approach to managing asbestos. The electronic Asbestos Register (Planon) is managed by the Safety and Compliance Manager on behalf of PaCS.

If you require asbestos information please contact our Helpdesk. Please allow adequate time for the information to be collated as any samples required need to be analysed by an external laboratory and this takes a minimum of five working days. If you have any questions please contact the Safety and Compliance Manager on ext. 3607.

Environmental Management

We take immense pride in the quality of our environment at Bangor University, and we are committed to its protection and enhancement. That means thinking about the impacts of everything we do, and whether, from an environmental perspective, it can be done better. With an estate of over 200 buildings across 346 hectares, as well as a complement of over 10,000 students and 2,000 staff, we recognise the implications of our impact on the environment.

The Sustainability Task Group oversees the evolution and implementation of a Sustainability Agenda for Bangor University, and reports to the Executive Committee. Specific Actions are achieved through the multifunctional Sustainability Implementation Group, supported with input from Sustainability ThinkTanks, which includes representation from the wider University population. Find out more...