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Welcome to the Bangor Imaging Unit!

Established in 2006, the BIU houses a research and teaching dedicated 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner, supported by several full-time staff and faculty within the school of Psychology.

Since the establishment of the BIU, researchers in the School have expanded the range of methodologies used beyond those of traditional imaging techniques. With the implementation of advanced methods such as Diffusion Tractography (DTI), Magnetisation Transfer, Arterial Spin Labelled perfusion, real time fMRI for neurofeedback, and MR Spectroscopy, researchers in the school are probing the chemical, physical and functional components of neural networks with greater precision. Used either singly or in conjunction, these techniques allow researchers to pursue the long term goal of understanding the complex organisation of the brain, and how this may both affect and be affected by behaviour, experience and disease. In addition we are developing novel ways to analyse and interrogate MRI data, and are forming multi-modal imaging technologies like simultaneous EEG and MRS acquisition, a world first, to improve the temporal and chemical specificity of functional MR studies.