MRI Scanner

Our Philips 3T Achieva MR scanner is equipped for imaging in several modalities. In addition to anatomical and functional MRI, the scanner is equipped for 4D cardiac, diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS).

RF Coils

Available coils are: Quadrature body coil, SENSE 8 channel head coil, SENSE NV 16 NeuroVascular coil, T/R head coil, SENSE Cardiac and Flex M coils.

Additional Items

  • A VCG (Vector Cadiography) sensor set for cardiac triggering.
  • A Peripheral Pulse sensor for patient monitoring or cardiac triggering.
  • Trolly for moving non ambulatory participants.
  • Real-time image analysis tools through either the Philips iViewBold or Brain Innovations 'Turbo BrainVoyager' software packages