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Why Psychology?

Psychology is one of the most fascinating sciences of the twenty-first century. The human mind was once the preserve of philosophy; now psychology helps unfathom the mind's mysteries. Psychology has a multitude of real-world applications.

As soon as I arrived, I felt welcomed, the atmosphere was much friendlier and relaxed than other universities. I immediately met amazing friends and engaging lecturers, while also being surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Emma Collins
BSc in Psychology

Psychology is interesting...

What makes us think, feel, behave? How do we learn? Following brain damage how well can a person perform? Is a baby a ‘blank slate’ upon which life experience writes?

Psychology is challenging...

Can autism be treated? Does studying the brain function of stroke or Alzheimer’s disease patients provide us with answers that can be of use to healthy individuals? Can children be taught to eat - and ENJOY - fruit and vegetables?

Psychology is dynamic..

Science is never static - in neuropsychology, advances in brain imaging techniques allow us to view the brain as never before seeing exactly which part of the brain responds to particular stimuli and how.

Psychology is useful...

Imagine if we knew enough about the way humans work to be able to intervene and reduce problems such as mental illness, drug addiction, child abuse, disruptive behaviour, unhealthy lifestyles, depression in patients or carers…

Psychology offers employability...

You may or may not choose a career in a psychology profession, but either way, what you learn on a psychology degree will equip you for a range of occupational settings.

See our Psychology Careers page for more information on the variety of routes which a Psychology Degree from Bangor may take you.

Regardless of whether you have an A level in psychology, a degree in psychology has a lot to offer you, both now and in your future.

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